I Gave Birth to the Odd Couple!

I made the mistake of cleaning both of my daughter’s rooms last week. I gave them both fair warning that I would be doing this in the hopes that they would clean their rooms themselves. Boy was I stupid! Well this act of stupidity on my part made me realise that I gave birth to the Odd Couple!

I first ventured into the room occupied by Oscar Madison. I figured with the warning my teen could hide anything, clean up a little bit before I braved the deep, dark unknown that she calls a room. I was very optimistic when I ventured into her room with only 1 trash bag. I started with her dresser, which I thought would be easy. Wrong! The last time I put anything in her dresser was about 3 years ago when I stopped doing her laundry! What used to be 6 drawers with neatly folded clothes has turned into 2 drawers with clothes crammed into them, 2 drawers with notes from school friends, and 2 more drawers that held unknown food items and some other things that I could not describe. Obviously, I needed more trash bags! After reading all her notes, compressing 4 junk draws into 1and refolding her clothes I moved on to her closet. A-ha, this is where all her clothes ended up! I could not even walk into her closet with all the clothes that were piled on the floor! I figured out what was clean, hung up or folded them and then put them in their correct location. At this point I learned that my daughter has a thing for shoes. I own maybe 4 pairs of shoes, at 15, my daughter owns 20 pairs of shoes! I have my mother-in-law to blame for this! I neatly arranged all her shoes on the floor. I placed all her books on her book shelves and put all her stuffed animals and CD’s neatly on the shelf of her desk The last thing I did was vacuum her room. I emptied the vacuum 3 times before I was done! 5 hours and 8 trash bags later, not kidding, I was done cleaning the room occupied by my 15 year old daughter.

Next I ventured into the room occupied by Felix Unger. I opened her dresser drawers and found all 4 drawers with neatly folded clothes. Of course I still do her laundry! I opened her closet and all her clothes were hanging very nicely all of her toys were in the toy chest and all of her stuffed animals were in their baskets. Her bed was made and there was nothing on her floor. I did clear off her desk which filled up 1/2 of a trash bag! I figure either she has not reached her slob state yet or she has seen how her older sister lives and wants no part of it!

I have told both girls that from now on in order to get their weekly allowances their rooms must be cleaned to my standards! I am sure Felix will not have a problem with this. I have been checking Oscar’s room daily to make sure nothing starts growing back!

5 Things About Me…Like It Or Not!

OK, I was tagged by BetMe and because she owns a gun and is apparently very good at shooting this gun so I will play along!

Five Things Found In My Purse:

1: A pack of Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes that has this written on the outside: “February 9, 2007 I smoked my last cigarette. Only 1 missing from this pack.” Just to note, this was not my usual flavor of cigarette, I smoked regular flavored cigs. I figured if it tasted really nasty I would no longer want to smoke. So far it has worked.

2. A Bottle of Pamprin. With a 15 year old daughter this is a must carry!

3. A Wallet with no money in it. With having 2 kids cash no longer makes it into my wallet.

4. Crayons This is for my 8 year old who can not sit in a restaurant without coloring.

5. Voter Registration Card. At least I know where it is when I go to vote!

Five Things In My Bedroom:

1. A Wooden Cross that my 8 year old made out of some boards from our fence.

2. My TV. Of course the kids use it more than I do.

3. Dance Mat that is hooked up to the kids, I mean my, TV.

4. Old Nintendo 64 Game console. I bought this for myself, I mean my oldest daughter when she was 3. It still works, the kids still play with it so why upgrade?

5. Two cute wooden eggs dressed up like a Bride & Groom that my aunt gave to me as a wedding present. She used to call me Egghead when I was a child because I was Humpty Dumpty one year for Halloween.

Five Things You Are Currently Into:

1. Boating – We recently purchased a 17 foot center console Bay boat.

2. Fishing – Because we bought the boat I now enjoy fishing.

3. Cooking – Since I have started eating healthier I have found that I love to cook.

4. Riding bikes – I really enjoy my daily bike ride that I take. It is my 30 minutes a day when I have no kids or husband, just me, myself & I. I really need to work on getting me & I to get along though!

5. Reading – Having been unemployed in the real world for the past year I have discovered that I like to read again. It must have been 15 years since I read a book because I actually wanted to read it not because I needed to find out what was going to happen to me because I was pregnant!

Five Things You Have Always Wanted To Do:

1. Travel to Ireland

2. Grow plants – The only thing green I can grow is the mold in my fridge!

3. Buy a beach house

4. Go to College

5. Scuba Dive

Tag You’re It:

If you feel like doing this go for it! If ya don’t then don’t! 🙂


My Name is Mom, And I Am A Webkinz Addict!

It all started off very innocently:

“Mom, if you get on the computer today can you take care of my Webkinz?”

“Sure no problem, Sweety”

It all went to hell in a hand basket after that. On a daily basis I was logging on to my daughter’s Webkinz and taking care of her little White Terrier named Coco. I did all the daily chores that needed to be done and then I found the arcade! I was setting high records at Tile Towers and Quizzy’s Word Challenge. Coco was a very happy virtual pet.

Over the weekend I entrusted Coco to my daughter. She played with Coco for two days without any help from me.

Then it came: I hit rock bottom!

When I picked my daughter up from school on Monday I asked her:

“How could you forget to do your gardening?”

“What gardening?”

“You know, Coco’s garden! I got on Webkinz, this morning and I had to dig up all the plants!”

My daughter then proceeded to laugh at me for the next 10 minutes and then told me that if I yelled at her again for not taking care of Coco, I mean her toy, she would change her password.

I will now suffer in silence when she forgets to do her gardening!

Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Last night my husband and I actually left the kids alone for the night. We went to the Bruce Springsteen concert and had a blast! The show was scheduled to start at 7:30 which everyone knows never happens. At 8 o’clock the stage crew came out and removed the current set lists from the floor and taped down a new one and at 8:30 they came out and started playing. They played 26 songs for us and they were just great as usual! Great to see those old guys up and rocking!

The audience was pretty lame, at least where we were sitting. Up in the nose bleed seats, which we payed $95 plus per seat, everybody was sitting on their butts! I know the crowd is getting a little old and being a Monday night stinks. But come on, get up and dance! We were actually told by an usher that we were bothering people by dancing. If you want to sit and listen that is cool with me, but I paid to go see a concert. At concerts I dance, scream, and sing. If you want to sit and be quiet then go to the Symphony!

*Today my kids will see how mom is on only 4 hours of sleep. Actually, I should really just call it a nap! Please pray for them!


Enough Is Enough!

I am one of those strange moms who really gets sympathy pains when one of my kids is sick or hurt and I don’t know how but I can tell which one of them it is.

Today all I have to say is Enough Is Enough already! I have started having sympathy pimples! The past 2 weeks I have found that when my teen-age daughter gets a pimple I get one as well and in the exact same place. I have not had a breakout in at least 20 years! I know how embarrassing life is with having pimples from experience why do I have to re-live it with her!!

Life In The Slow Lane

OK, I admit it, I am a bit of a goody-two-shoes. I go the speed limit! I have never had a ticket and I have only been pulled over while driving twice in my 20 plus years of driving. If you have ever driven around Houston you would know that by going the posted speed limit I am taking my life into my own hands! Here in Houston people think the speed limit on the freeway is 80 plus mile per hour. If it is raining we have two different speeds, 100 MPH or 20 MPH on the freeway! I don’t even want to think about those rare years we actually get a freeze here! What brought me to this little rant is, on my way home from my morning taxi cab job while I was driving through a school zone no less, I had 2 people tell me I was #1 and I actually had a cop fly pass me! You would think at least the cop would obey the laws but maybe I am expecting too much!

OK I will now step off of my Soap Box and use it’s contents to go clean my house!

The Garden Of Eden

I think God must be a golfer. How else do you explain the beauty of Augusta National and the traditions of The Masters. I was very fortunate to attend the Masters back in 2000. What made it even more special was that we attended on Wednesday which is the last practice day and the day that the players get to play the Par 3 tournament. The minute I walked out and saw the Par 3 Course I stood back and tried to catch my breath. I had just walked out into the Garden Of Eden. That is the only way I can explain the beauty of this nine hole par 3 course. It was such a treat to be able to watch the Par 3 Tournament on TV yesterday. My girls loved watching the kids help their Dads play golf. Hopefully one day I will be able to make a return visit to the Garden Of Eden. 



This morning while driving my morning school bus route my youngest daughter started asking me a whole bunch of questions which is typically normal for her. She asked me what WWJD stood for? I told her it stood for What Would Jesus Do? and that if you ever needed to know if you were doing something wrong you should ask yourself this question. Then she pops up and says it should be WWMD. I, of course, ask her what does that mean and she replies What Would Mom Do?. Then she goes on to explain that Jesus and God will always forgive you but if you do something wrong Mom will ground you!

The Working Man’s Holiday

It seems like every time a holiday passes my husband always asks the question, “When is it the poor working man’s holiday?” After several years of pondering this question I believe I finally have an answer:

 April 15th is the Working Man’s Holiday!!

You Know…

You know your child goes to a Catholic School when you read the following in the weekly school newsletter:

Friday, is the Parent’s Luncheon.  Students who usually stay for lunch are invited to have their parents join them.  This is a Full Dress Uniform Day for all students.  We need empty wine bottles for decoration if you have any at home.

I couldn’t make that up even if I tried!!!



The Dinner Table Discussions

My family has this strange tradition called eating dinner together. Yes, I know, it is a bizarre unheard of thing these days. We all sit down at the same table, at the same time and eat a home-cooked dinner made by me, not Colonel Sanders. Believe it or not we even talk to each other at this strange tradition called dinner.

Last night we started talking about politics. To this topic my 8 year slumps down in her chair and my 15 year old tries to avoid any eye contact with her father. Then the dreaded happened, my husband turns to our 15 year old, high school freshman, daughter and asks her what she thinks will happen to our country after the elections this year. I could tell by the look on her face she had no clue what he was asking her, so I made a joke stating that unless Miley Cyrus was going to be named President these kids really didn’t care. At least I got a laugh out of my 8 year old daughter who was still slumped down in her chair! Luckily, somehow this saved my older daughter and my husband ended the topic with a “That is what is wrong with our country these days” remark. What I should have said was, “When you were a freshman in high school did you stop selling drugs and listening to KISS long enough to care about  what would happen to our country after an election?” Now that would have lead to a real funny discussion that I’m sure the girls would have loved to got in on!