Life In The Slow Lane

OK, I admit it, I am a bit of a goody-two-shoes. I go the speed limit! I have never had a ticket and I have only been pulled over while driving twice in my 20 plus years of driving. If you have ever driven around Houston you would know that by going the posted speed limit I am taking my life into my own hands! Here in Houston people think the speed limit on the freeway is 80 plus mile per hour. If it is raining we have two different speeds, 100 MPH or 20 MPH on the freeway! I don’t even want to think about those rare years we actually get a freeze here! What brought me to this little rant is, on my way home from my morning taxi cab job while I was driving through a school zone no less, I had 2 people tell me I was #1 and I actually had a cop fly pass me! You would think at least the cop would obey the laws but maybe I am expecting too much!

OK I will now step off of my Soap Box and use it’s contents to go clean my house!

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  1. There’s just no accounting for the way some people drive. I once had a cop pass me as I was stopped at a red light. No other cars were at the intersection, so I guess he didn’t think he needed to obey the the light OR that pesky little law against passing in an intersection.

    Was he chasing a dangerous criminal? Nope, he pulled into the sheriff’s station a half a mile ahead and got out with a cup of coffee. :S


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