Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Last night my husband and I actually left the kids alone for the night. We went to the Bruce Springsteen concert and had a blast! The show was scheduled to start at 7:30 which everyone knows never happens. At 8 o’clock the stage crew came out and removed the current set lists from the floor and taped down a new one and at 8:30 they came out and started playing. They played 26 songs for us and they were just great as usual! Great to see those old guys up and rocking!

The audience was pretty lame, at least where we were sitting. Up in the nose bleed seats, which we payed $95 plus per seat, everybody was sitting on their butts! I know the crowd is getting a little old and being a Monday night stinks. But come on, get up and dance! We were actually told by an usher that we were bothering people by dancing. If you want to sit and listen that is cool with me, but I paid to go see a concert. At concerts I dance, scream, and sing. If you want to sit and be quiet then go to the Symphony!

*Today my kids will see how mom is on only 4 hours of sleep. Actually, I should really just call it a nap! Please pray for them!


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  1. Wooo that sounds like fun! Hope you got a little nap snuck in somehow. 😉

  2. I never did get a nap, but I did make the kids go to bed early and I went to bed at 8pm and slept the whole night through till 5am! I am sure the kids did not go to sleep at 7:30 but at least they were in their rooms out of trouble!

  3. I am with you. I like to dance and sing along. Mr. J just grins at me. I think concerts are more fun when the crowd gets into the music.


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