In My World…

I have a strange mind, but hey it’s my strange mind. I have always had this strange little thought that hey, maybe we are not real. Maybe we are just little dolls living in a huge dollhouse and God is just playing with us. It’s just a thought, something to make you go hmmm?!

What is really funny about this is my youngest daughter has the same warped mind as I do and she finds my dollhouse thing funny. My oldest daughter on the other hand finds this whole little scenario disturbing and is actually scared of it.

Not really thinking about this little story I bought a dollhouse kit for the 3 of us to put together as a summer project. My youngest one keeps telling me, of course when her sister is listening, “I can’t wait to build God’s new house? Do you think he will give us nice new neighbors!” Of course I tell her to stop teasing her sister, on my way to the bathroom so I can laugh by myself!

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  1. I love it! I too often wonder if we are merely pawns in God’s game of checkers. I want him to pick us up and move our doll house to a new hood.

  2. It’s sort of like the movie Men in Black. We could be some tiny little universe being carried around in the pocket of some man in a really, really, big universe. I’ve always wondered. because there are so many galaxies in our universe could there be that many universes. It’s too mind boggling to think about. I like the doll house theory better.


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