The Last Day of School

My youngest daughter has been doing the “School is almost out” countdown for 2 weeks now. Tomorrow is her last day of school. She jumped out of bed this morning and declared only one more day of school!

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! Oh, crap I only have one more day to myself! I had so many things that I wanted to get done in the past 9 months. I was going to have lunch with old co-workers, never happened. I was going to volunteer more, never happened. I was going to clean the attic and the garage out, never happened. I was going to garden, never happened. Where did the time fly?

Now, I will have to spend the next 3 months at the pool, going to the beach, going to the zoo and the museums. I will have to blow bubbles and play kick ball with the neighborhood kids. I will also have to make snow cones for all of those neighborhood kids. I will have to referee water gun fights, manage lemonade stands and car washes and make sure each kid involved gets their share of the cut.

Oh, man I can’t wait! Tomorrow is the Last Day of School!!

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  1. Oh sure. Make ME feel guilty about stressing over summer! I love the little urchins with all my heart but I do enjoy the quiet time every day. lol!

  2. Oh man… I want to come play too!

  3. Red Rover, Red Rover let Bet Me come over!

  4. Yea, doesn’t sound too bad to me. Water gun fights, referee them, I think not. Be part of one–YES. Blow bubbles–YES. Maybe I could make extra money this summer and have an organic lemonade stand on the main road. I could sit out there in my wheel chair and read while I’m waiting for customers. Then the police would come because I don’t have a permit and arrest me. OK, no lemonade stand for me.

  5. Dusty

     /  May 25, 2008

    It’s the glasses! Wait until the fights start and the ‘Mom I’m Bored’ mode sets in! Lol!


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