Oh, Crap There’s A Grasshopper In My Bed

Last night I tucked myself in bed,
I gently put down my sleepy head.
I moved my foot and felt a thump,
Which made my tired body jump.
I pulled back the sheets only to find,
A grasshopper who was messing with my mind.
I picked the grasshopper up and said,
You’re a lucky bug you should be dead,
For jumping into my comfy bed!


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  1. Great poem, but was there really a grasshopper in your bed?

  2. Yep, there was indeed a baby grasshopper in my bed last night! I think I need to figure out what I did to make Mother Nature mad at me!
    I was very nice to the little hopper in my bed and I returned him to the great outdoors.

  3. I’ve been known to return spiders to the yard as well. (Of course, I’ve also been known to squish them into oblivion…it just depends on how badly they scared me.)


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