Party Pooper

I am not the type of mom that does well with planning kids birthday parties. We usually just do a small family type of celebration. Both of my girls birthdays are in July and they are 12 days apart right during prime vacation time.

This year my youngest daughter really wants to have a party with her friends. The last time I planned a party with her friends only one kid showed up. It seems unless your party is at some bowling, skating, pizza or some other fun filled place, nobody comes. What happened to the good old days of having a birthday party at your home? You know the type, you play some games, have some cake, open presents and then everyone leaves.

It seems now days people are spending hundreds of dollars on kids parties! I worked with a girl that held her 1 year old son’s birthday party at a pizza place and dropped $500 doing it. For a party that the kid will never remember! I also love how some of the parents feel they must give gifts to the guests! I am sorry, but we do not live in Hollywood and the kids do not deserve Swag Bags!

My youngest daughter and I have come up with a plan for her 9th birthday party. We are going to have a Karaoke party. We already have a karaoke machine, so all we will need to get is some of her type of music. I figure we can order a few pizzas, sing a bunch of songs, have cake, open presents and then send them home!

Now to figure out what to do for the soon to be 16 year old’s party! I can guarantee you it won’t look like anything you see on My Super Sweet 16 from MTV! Not with my party planning skills or my wallet!

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  1. I had one party for my daughter when she was about 6. All the kids showed up. I limited it to two hours. Boys were there too and nearly destroyed my son’s room dragging all his toys out of his closet.

    Every year after that I paid my kids not to have a party and we would just have a small family thing with my sister and her family. They fell for it. They liked money. I once offered to pay my son $5.00 to eat a cherry tomato. He hated vegetables. He gagged on it and spit it out . I didn’t give him the money. I also once offered to pay him $5.00 when he went to the Doctor’s office for updated shots. I paid him not to cry and scream. He didn’t utter a sound and made his money but he couldn’t eat a tomato?

    I think paying your children to be good is not good parenting. Live and learn. But Jeesh, it worked.

  2. I like my method of bribery better, I tell them if they don’t behave or do what I want them to do they don’t get their allowances! Luckily I have good kids and have only had to with hold money only once or twice.

  3. Birthday parties have become ridiculous! I had two parties as a child. When I was 8 only one girl showed up. It was so sad. When I was 15 all 6 girls showed up. It was a slumber birthday party. They each had to draw a picture of anything they chose and my mom turned the pictures into a quilt for me. My friends thought it was corny and made fun of me all through high school, but the quilt was awesome! I should mention that they all wanted to come spend the night because I had three older brothers who were very cute. The girls kept running upstairs to spy on my brothers… (Some things never change with kids)

    Gosh I don’t even know what 16 year old girls are into these days… Good Luck

  4. Yikes on the super expensive parties. This past year I started offering a ‘shopping day’ to my kids. In lieu of a party. They still get gifts (or cash if requested) plus the cash it would have cost to throw a to-do. Then we go BLOW IT! Well, one dd did. The other saved half. ;0) They both loved it and said they’d rather go shop than have parties from now on. WOOHOO!


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