Swimsuit Time

It’s that time of the year again. The dreaded swimsuit season! Every year we have a major battle at my house. I will not allow my girls to wear bikinis. Maybe I am just jealous because they can wear bikinis. This year I broke my rule, at least for the older child, and let her buy a two piece swimsuit. Mind you it is not a bikini! It is a very modest two piece suit.

I have this weird thought that young girls should respect themselves and not show the entire world their bodies. This goes for all clothing not just swimsuits! The minute a shirt rises above the belly button when an arm is raised, out it goes. It either goes in the hand-me-down pile or off to Goodwill. Pants must sit on your waist not your hips! And please I am not going to pay $20 for a pair of shorts that barely cover you butt!

OK, sorry to go off on that tangent, back to swimsuits. Some people should not be allowed to wear bikinis at all. Today at the pool there was a young lady wearing a bikini who was 8 and 3/4 months pregnant. I am glad you are confident in your body, but come on, I do not want to see it and I am sure the poor children don’t want to see it. I know my didn’t! My rule of thumb has always been if you have two or more kids than bikinis are no longer for you.

We also saw a little girl who was about 3 wearing a string bikini! I told my oldest that she probably belonged to the pregnant lady in the bikini.

And boys, could you please find trunks that fit! We do not want to see your butt while we are swimming! I know you are all used to wearing your regular pants down like that, but please at least you have underwear on!

Is it time for winter yet!!

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  1. I was so fortunate with my daughter. When she was in high school she didn’t want to wear make up and she lived in jeans and T-shirts and flannel shirts when it got cooler. She preferred not to wear a bikini. My son did wear his pants a little baggy but he wore a belt. I told him I don’t care if he showed his boxers to other people but I preferred not to see them.

    I’m sorry but to see a 12 year old in a bikini is ridiculous. I think it was because my daughter and I spent time always pointing out who looked like a slut and who didn’t . She did not want to look like a slut.

    As for myself, I’ll stick with my capris at the beach and a T-shirt of course. I hate seeing old ladies in bikinis too even if they are thin.

  2. Joan – I was like your daughter. Even now I don’t care for wearing make up, but I do when the time arises. My 8 year old daughter is so far like me. But the teenager has always loved playing with make up and has to have the latest fashion. I blame my mother for it all. Unfortunately she is not around to corrupt my youngest.

  3. I just want to give you a huge appreciative hug when I read this. If more parents set some type of standards it would make things so much easier for others to follow suit.

    I am with you on all accounts. Modest dress is much more attractive as it leaves a little something for the imagination. And I only use slight makeup, even then it is only for special occasions.

    My parents were extremely strict with our dress code. When I first left home I rebelled for a short period, wearing halter tops and cut-offs. But, I was soon right back to the values that my parents taught us.

  4. betme – Thanks for the hug.

  5. I wish more people felt like you. People are practically naked now and not just at the beach and pools. I’d much rather see clothes. I don’t think we (I) look good naked.

  6. I’ve noticed at a local amusement park…the larger the body, the skimpier the bathing suit. I don’t understand this. I also don’t like the hoochie mama look on little girls.

  7. Joy – Clothes are good. Being naked is for behind closed doors for a reason! 🙂

    Allison – Little girls should be little girls for as long as they can.


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