Playing The Field

Ring, Ring goes my phone yesterday afternoon:

Me: Hello?
Boy on the other end: Is your daughter #1 (name with held for my protection) home?
Me: Is this Steve?
Boy on the other end: No, this is Chris.
Me: Sorry, she’s not here right now may I take a message.
Boy on the other end: Yeah, tell her to call me cause we need to talk.

Then it happened, I apparently didn’t have all of the facts in my oldest daughter’s life! She is apparently playing the field, so they say. You see Steve is the name of the boy who I have heard about for the last 2 months. She is supposedly “dating” him, even though she is not allowed to date until she is 16. Unknown to me she is also “dating” this boy Chris.

I gave her the message, and told her of my little conversation with Chris. The look of horror on her face was hilarious!

I told her what she was doing was wrong. It is not right to have more than one “boyfriend” at a time. You may go out with different people, which I explained was called dating. But, once you tell someone he is your boyfriend, you have to stop dating other boys until you break up with him. 

She called Chris back and of course he wanted to know all about Steve. She told him the situation she had created and he “broke up” with her. Thank goodness, a solution to her little problem.

I told her to avoid these problems in the future she might want to inform me of all the facts in her life, either that or let me read her diary!

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  1. That’s cute. Seriously, you taught her something important I think. She must have known it deep inside somewhere if she gave you a look of horror. Way to go mom.

  2. Uh oh!! Bet she won’t pull that particular stunt again. Good lesson to learn before she’s married, lol!

  3. Joy – I think the look of horror was due to the fact that I actually talked to someone she knew! 🙂
    Kelly – Yep, it’s always better to learn these little details before marriage!

  4. I remember when my daughter started hanging out with boys. I never actually followed her and hid in the bushes but I certainly wanted to. I always trusted her judgement but I never trusted those boys. I was fortunate that she told me everything and put up with me having to meet everyone she hung out with. That’s when we started out having Friday night at the movies at my house. I would rent a movie and she had a great TV and sound system and about 10 kids would come over and I would have lots of snacks and soda. They were downstairs and I was upstairs and by the end of the night they would all be upstairs talking to me. They thought I was hilarious and that’s when all her friends started calling me Mom. I am Mom to about 30 or 40 people in town. When I am in a store and someone says “Mom” I always turn around because many times it’s someone calling for me.

  5. Joan – That is exactly how my mom was.


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