I’m Bored

We have officially hit the I’m Bored stage of summer! My youngest child goes back to school in 4 weeks and the oldest goes back in 6 weeks. Both children are walking around trying to find something to do and they are driving me nuts. Not that they have to far to drive for that to happen!

So far this summer we have gone to the pool almost everyday, gone to the movies, gone out on our boat a lot, gone to vacation bible school, and have just hung out here and played with friends! What else is there to do?

I told my youngest one that we could always get out the multiplication flashcards or do a summer book report if the whining gets too loud. She immediately found something to play with, no problem. She usually has no problem keeping herself occupied. 

The oldest one is the one that is really testing me right now. She has to have someone with her to keep her from being bored. It seems that when she is not grounded from the phone her friends are. Currently her boyfriend has lost his phone privileges for a week. She has already blown the use of her computer for the summer, so that is out of the question. I have told her if she does not find something to do soon she will be helping me super clean the house for when her grandmother, my mother in-law, comes over tomorrow!

I should be thankful beacuse at least so far there has been no blood shed between the two of them! I say so far because we still have another month of summer to get through!

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  1. I remember those summers well. My daughter started working summers at 14 years old for the town day care system which kept her busy and earning money for herself. When they were younger I sent my son to camp for a few weeks each summer. He loved it. But then there were the times it was the three of us and we would pack a lunch every day and go to the beach. There were lots of other kids and it kept us busy on sunny days. Rainy days were another matter.

    I told my oldest daughter that I did not want her to work this summer. I figure this is her last non-working summer of her life. I am starting to rethink this! 🙂

  2. We’ve got 2 weeks left before school starts… I’m more worried about myself than my kids at this point!
    My 9 year old is dreading going back to school and he asked if I could homeschool him…
    I grounded him for 2 weeks.
    Good luck!

    I figure grounding the kids is only more punishment on myself! If they are grounded they have to stay home around me even longer!
    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment!

  3. Summers do get so long for the kids. They look so forward to it and in a few weeks, they are bored! I’ve heard it from my granddaughter on more than one occasion. We’ve done swimming and golf lessons and we still have a month left. We also have a pool so there’s a lot of playing in that. I’m not a really huge fan of “organized” play and tend to like them to use their imaginations but after a while, it does get hard. I just find the more running around and doing the “special” things, the more they are bored on a down day when we need to catch up on other things.

    I know exactly what you mean about the kids being even more bored on down days. It seems like the more we give kids the less they appreciate it, at least that is how my kids are at times.
    I can’t wait for school to start!!!!!

  4. My sister and I have started up a website dedicated to this very dilemma! Check it out for a few ideas! http://mommyimbored.blogspot.com I hope it helps!

    Thanks, you have some pretty good rainy day ideas.


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