Backyard Visitor

This is an aerial picture of our neighborhood back in 2002. Our house was not built when this picture was taken. We live in the entrance to the cul-de-sac and our backyard runs along a canal. On the other side of the canal there is nothing but ranch land, at least for now.
Our Neighborhood 2002

Our Neighborhood 2002

We have a great view from our upstairs windows of the canal and the ranch land. We are used to seeing cows and horses roaming around back there. We even get to hear coyotes at night. We have fished the canal and caught catfish, bass, alligator gar and we have even managed to catch a snapping turtle on a fishing pole!

Our backyard has seen it’s share of wildlife as well. We have a bunch of bunny rabbits that visit us, we have seen a skunk before and even an opossum. Because of the canal we get our share of snakes as well. As for birds, we have a nest right above our backdoor that has been home to a family of doves for about 2 years now. We also get to see a bunch of hawks, egrets, and disgusting buzzards!

Today we had a new visitor in our backyard. I was the person who found the little visitor as usual and of course, as usual it scared the crap out of me and I screamed! So what do we get to add to our ever growing list of backyard visitors but an armadillo. What can I say, only in Texas!

Our little backyard visitor

Our little backyard visitor

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  1. Even on Cape Cod we get coyotes, skunks ( I was sprayed by one in the face) and lots of wonderful birds but we sure in hell don’t get armadillos. I didn’t know they were so small. I thought for some reason they were larger.

    Even though everything in Texas is bigger, ok maybe just our egos, armadillos are just little critters. I got to put on a pair of gloves and race one when I was about 10, I thought that was so cool! But than again I was am a geek!

  2. I would have screamed too. I live on 80 acres in the country so we also see a lot of wild animals. I love it though. I can see deer and ducks, turkeys from my window. There are a few that I’d rather not see. Don’t coyotes sound cool?? They don’t usually get very close though.

    I like the sound of coyotes too. My kids get freaked out over them!

  3. I moved from the midwest where we got possums, racoons, mice, rats, garter snakes, squirrles and if you go to the suburbs you might get deer and coyote.

    A move to southeast Alabama and I was so excited when I first saw a turtle crossing the road, dead armadillos on the side of the road, buzzards and rattle snakes, a bunch of pigs in the middle of the road by our house (huge hole in the fence of their owner) and once I was driving and there was a cow running down the road a head of me.

    I am pretty much a city girl so I pick and choose which wildlife animals I like! 🙂


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