Hello Dolly

I live in the Gulf Coast area of Texas. Luckily for us we are not near where Hurricane Dolly came in. For the past 3 days we have seen cloud bands from the storm, which in my opinion are really cool. I am one of those strange people that like hurricanes. I have been known to go outside during hurricanes before. I am just in awe of them for some reason. My mother was the same way.

Today we are finally seeing some rain from Dolly. So what do my kids do during a really stormy day? They both ask me if they can get their swimsuits on and go outside in the rain. My reply was “Go for it! If it starts lightening, use your little heads and come inside!”

It is nice to see a family tradition being passed on! Even if we are all crazy!

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  1. I’m glad your okay. I have two of you that come to my blog from down there and I worried about you both. We obviously don’t have hurricanes in MN but we do have tornado’s and I am NOT a fan. I don’t go outside to watch them though both my boys do. What is it with you people!!!!

    Running and playing in the rain takes me back many years. More than I care to remember but it reminds me of being on my grandparents farm. When it would be so hot with no breeze whatsoever and the sky would open up and we’d run up and down the driveway hitting every single puddle. Laughing and playing. It’s one of my best memories. Thanks for the reminder.

    If it’s ever a big hurricane and we are in the direct path we high tail it to my in-laws for a hurricane party. Better safe than sorry!
    Jumping into a big puddle is just good for the soul I think. 🙂

  2. Tosha

     /  July 24, 2008

    I’m in the gulf coast area too.. I was glad this one missed us..I’m just not ready for anymore damage as we are still doing repairs from rita a few years back. Today we are getting pounded by rain as well..

    **And joy we get both tornadoes and hurricanes..LOL

    We have been very lucky, knock on wood, and the last damage we got was a flooded storage room and a flooded car left at the airport from Tropical Storm Allison years ago.

  3. Tosha, it would suck getting both.


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