I Am Now The Mother Of A 4th Grader

Today my youngest daughter started 4th grade. This is a big milestone for her because in her school the 4th grade is in the “Big Kid” hall. I was told that I did not need to come into the school to drop her off this year, she would walk in by herself. She did let me give her a hug so I should be honored about that!

I found out that 4th graders also have a new outlook on lunch. No more ham sandwiches and chips for my little one. Oh, no! We had to go buy a hot food thermos so she could bring Spaghetti O’s, soup and plain noodles. I was also informed that every once in a while she would like to bring a salad for lunch as well.

The great thing about school starting is that I get a little alone time with her in the car. I get to find out all sorts of things on our little morning talks. Like this morning we heard a Bryan Adams song on the radio and seeing how we saw him in concert this summer my little one asks me how old he is. I told her he is about the same age as your dad. I figured I would get a “oh, he’s that old?!” response but I get “He is spicy hot looking!” Where in the world did that come from! I could not help myself from laughing and I told her that I agreed with her!

The last song we heard on the radio this morning was very appropriate for the first day of school. It was “I Don’t Want To Go To School” by The Naked Brothers Band.

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  1. Tosha

     /  August 14, 2008

    My oldest is going into the 4th grade this year and last year it was all about the salad! What is it with that? Mine rarely bring their lunch but when they do they are so picky about the way its done that they make it themselves..

    Mine is so picky she only buys when they order pizza once a month or they are having beef fingers what ever that is! She has tried to explain it and the best I can figure is that it is salisbury steak got into strips.

  2. Did her day go well for her? It’s so funny how they click together. Salads, that’s so funny. It’s also good. I really hope she had a good day. School really starts early for you guys. Ours don’t start until after Labor Day. I wish it were sooner.

    She had a great first day of school. Her lunch was hot and she had no homework. What else could you ask for in 4th grade?!

  3. My youngest is in 4th grade this year, too. I can’t decide whether I’m happy she’s growing up so much or sad that she’s no longer my baby. ūüôā ūüė¶ I hope your dd’s day went well and she LOVES the fourth grade!

    I will admit that I am sad my baby is growing up! It’s a good thing my husband got fixed or I might just have to have one more! I guess I will have to wait, hopefully for a long time, for grandkids! ūüôā


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