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I saw the Monkees in concert in the late 80’s with Weird Al Yankovic as the opening act.

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  1. Oh My God….thank you so much for that. I loved that show. I spit up my coffee!!! LOL!!! I can’t believe that I actually had a Micky Dolenz (sp??) poster on my wall!!!

    My boys just loved weird Al. They used to put on skits using his songs. Do you remember “Another one rides the bus??” Your killing me today with these memories!!


    Glad you liked the video! The Monkees were before my time but in the 80’s they replayed all the tv shows on MTV I think. My high school buddy and I feel into their trap! I liked Peter Tork myself.
    Yep I remember that one also, “Like a Surgeon” and “Eat It!”:)


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