Where In The World…The Balinese Room

Update January 19, 2009: This past weekend we finally decided to drive down to Galveston. This was our 1st trip back to the Island since Hurricane Ike. It was a very humbling trip for us.

Balinese Room Pre Hurricane Ike

The Balinese Room Pre-Hurricane Ike

Balinese Room Remains

What Remains of the Balinese Room 1-17-09

Update September 16, 2008: I would have never imagined that this beautiful place would be gone not even a month after I posted this. Unbelievable!

This pile of rubble is actually the Balinese Room on the Galveston Seawall



The Balinese Room in Galveston, Texas

“Deep in the South of Texas
not so long ago,
there on a crowded island
in the Gulf of Mexico

it didn’t take too much money,
man, but it sure was nice.
You could dance all night if you felt all right,
drinking whiskey and throwing dice.

And everybody knows
it was hard to leave.
And everybody knows
it was down at the Balinese.”

“Balinese” – ZZ Top – Fandango – 1975


The history of The Balinese Room can be found on Wikipedia.

On a personal note: I have been to the Balinese Room a number of times. We started hanging out there on the weekends when they were doing renovations on it. There are Ghost Stories to go along with the building and I for one believe them, as do my kids. On one of our visits we went into the women’s restroom and when I turned around to flush the toilet the toilet paper was thrown at my back. Another time we were in the old casino part when the jukebox started playing “old music” when we checked out the jukebox for the name of the song we found that it was unplugged. I just hope the ghosts are having as much fun now as they did when the place was in it’s prime!

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  1. That was really interesting. I went to both links. I love that it is haunted. I’m definitely going there if I ever get to Texas.

    Galveston has a lot of cool places like that! The Hotel Galvez is directly across the street and it is haunted as well. There are also a few mansions that are open to the public that are said to be haunted. My girls and I are planning on visiting them this fall when my husband goes hunting.

  2. This is very interesting and I also believe in ghosts. I don’t necessarily think they are bad OR scary. I think we have one wandering around our house once in a while. We can be sitting down to eat at the table and the oven fan will just go on and won’t turn off. Right now our TV is giving us trouble. It’s just strange little things that happen “all by themselves.”

    I would for sure go there. BTW, love that pic.

    The place is really cool and for some reason, and my girls agree with me on this, when you walk through the front doors it is almost like you are stepping back in time.

  3. Tosha

     /  August 25, 2008

    I LOVE galveston and all the historic places in it..

    Me too… I have always been a history buff. I don’t care much for reading about history I’d much rather go to places and learn through experiences.

  4. Boy, I don’t even know what to say. Huge lump in my throat. What a shame that place is gone. I wonder if anything happened to the ghosts? Do you think they will rebuild?

    I am sure the ghosts had a grand Hurricane Party! They probably went back to stay at the Galvez Hotel across the street.
    I have no idea what will be rebuilt at this point.


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