Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Today I finally got to kick both of my girls out of the house and back into school! Today is the first day of school for my oldest daughter! She is officially a Sophomore in High School. I guess that makes me officially old!

Last night she immediately went upstairs to her room after dinner. She was up there for two hours before I made her come down and join the real world. I kept asking her “What are you doing?” Her response was the same over and over, “I’m getting my stuff together.” Being the first day of school you do not need a lot of “Stuff” in high school,  a binder with paper and a pen is pretty much it.

I knew what she was doing! She was trying on every outfit that she owns! I yelled up the stairs,”You better hang everything back up!” Dead silence. Then I yelled up, “You already have a boyfriend, it’s not like you need to impress him anymore!” Then I got the ever famous “Mom, that’s not funny!” I love teasing her!

This morning she was up and in the shower at 5:30. She got dressed, put make-up on and ate breakfast and we were out the door at 6:45. I handed the ever so mature Sophomore her lunch money and she shoved it in her pocket. She will hate/love me when she goes to pull her money out at lunch because I folded up a little note with one of my drawings on it that said “Have a Good First Day of School!” Like I said, I love teasing her!

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  1. Tosha

     /  August 25, 2008

    Today was my kids first day of school as well.. Jewel hopped out of bed at 6 am and was dressed in 4 minutes. She slept in her skirt last night! She was ready to walk out the door by 6:15. She was so excited she didn’t eat her breakfast.. She is beyond exhausted tonight.. Cole came home SUPER crabby and Taylor is tired too.. It was a lovely day!

    I love how the first day of school just flat wears kids out! 🙂

  2. Love, Love, Love about the note in the lunch money. I always wrote notes for lunch. Here’s an idea for you, I used to cut a post it note right where the sticky ends and put it on the dollar and write a note on there. That way there’s no big piece of paper. Every once in a while they’d miss one and the lunch lady would find it. I think my boys liked it because I always did it. Now and then I “help” pack my granddaughters lunch, she’ll tell dad to come to grandma’s (she has good stuff!!) and I’ll write her a note. I love that.

    I used to try on my clothes like that too. I think it’s a “girl” thing.

    You won’t believe this but I do use post it notes! She told me “Gee, thanks, I found the note!” in her ‘Why the Heck Did You Do That’ voice. I saw her smile as she walked away, so I will keep it up!

  3. I still put notes in my daughter’s lunch and she’s 29. She leaves me notes too. “Hey, Mom , can you go to the cleaners for me?” or “Mom, can you do my laundry?” But I don’t mind. I am just so happy to be able to live with her.

    I love that you put a note in her lunch. I bet she will love the note.

    Luckily my oldest one has thought of leaving me notes like that! At least for now!
    She pretends that she hates it when I put a note in her stuff but I know that she loves it! 🙂


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