The Godfather


In my youngest daughter’s school the kids earn tickets for doing good deeds. When they get a certain amount of tickets they get to pick an item out of the treasure box.

Yesterday my daughter came home with a package of cute little emery boards and I asked her if she got it out of the treasure box. No, she got it from her friend who gave it to her because apparently my daughter is now working for her. Hmmm, “What do you mean your working for her?” I ask.

This is how it was all explained to me. Her friend has a “store” that she opens at recess. She brings in small stuff that she doesn’t want any more and she sells them for tickets so she can get something out of the treasure chest. My daughter who is now an “employee” is supposed to get the other kids to buy from her friend. My daughter gets to pick out items that she wants from her friend’s store as “payment.”

This morning my daughter went to school and brought some of her own junk to sell. I figured it was to give to her friend’s store but no! My daughter has decided that she is going to quit working for for her friend and open her own “store.”

I hope this does not cause an all out “4th Grade Mob War” on the playground! And yes, this is a Catholic School!

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  1. I give her credit for this. Make hay while the sun shines. If they get “caught” they will probably have to stop so let her make money while she can. Show’s initiative in my opinion. Why work for someone else if you can be your own boss????

    If they get caught they will probably just have to give the church it’s due cut. Just kidding! 🙂 I have taught her well!

  2. Tosha

     /  August 27, 2008

    Oh wow! The kids at Taylor’s school started something like this last year only they wanted the kids lunch money. Something about this one girls parents were not giving her enough money to buy ice cream so she conned other kids into buying her stuff from her so she could buy ice cream. many parents got mad and complained because the kids were giving this girl their lunch money and not eating lunch..

    I would have a problem if actual cash was trading hands but I don’t have a problem with them trading tickets. I did tell her I wanted to OK the stuff she was trading!

  3. HeeHee! You have a little entrepreneur there! 😀

    Yep, she makes me proud! 🙂


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