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  1. That was really cute. I think this would be a good teaching tool. If I can understand it, so can a child! LOL!! It reminded me of Fraggle Rock.

    BTW…do you know who your Cowboys play tonight????

    I remember as a kid they would play these in between the Saturday Cartoons. You remember back when you could only watch cartoons on Saturday don’t ya?! 🙂
    My youngest daughter’s school still uses these little cartoons in the classroom
    I loved Fraggle Rock!

    BTW…yeah, my 3-0 Cowboys are playing against some 0-3 team called the Vikings! 🙂

  2. Yes, I do remember when cartoons were only on Sat mornings. Sometimes I think times were better then. I’m kind of disappointed in the game tonight. Nobody we know is even playing. Probably all the players playing tonight will be cut tomorrow! LOL!!!

    I agree with you on both topics. Kids watch way too much tv now and the game was basically a try-out game!

  3. Shoot, you won 😦

    Oh yeah! I am doing the “Happy Dance”! My boys went 4-0 in preseason! 🙂


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