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Question of the Week: At what age should you let your kids get their driver’s license?


I think it is up to each parent to decide when their kid is ready to drive. My oldest daughter turned 16 over the summer and she thinks just because you hit the big 16 you are automatically entitled to get your driver’s license. Being the mean parents that we are, we told her she is not really ready for the responsibility of driving. We told her she needs to prove that she is responsible by getting better grades this year, which means turning in assignments and managing to study on her own. We have seen a lot of improvement on her side and we will probably let her take driver’s education next summer. That will put her at being 17 when she gets her license.

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  1. Is 30 too old? I think they should raise the age to 18 instead of 16. It would make it so much easier for parents. Or maybe when they graduate from High school with honors. Imagine if they did that how much better kids would do in school. I think you are doing the right thing. I read somewhere that a person’s brain isn’t fully formed until they are about 18 years old so do you really want to give a 16 year old with a brain that isn’t finished a car and let them drive it? I don’t think so.

    Hey if 30 is good to start dating it should be good enough to start driving!
    I think they should raise the driving age to 18 as well.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I feel everyone is different and it should be up to the parents. Both of my boys were driving a lot when they were 15 and had their permit and both did get their licenses at 16 but they were told we would buy no cars and if they were to drive, they had to pay their own insurance. Insurance is a part of life and if you are going to drive, you have to pay for your own. They both got part time jobs and did okay. They were both capable of driving. I also feel boys are somewhat different. It almost seems they are born a little more mechanical. Not all but most.

    My step granddaughter just got her license this past summer and she is almost 17 ½. She’s a flake and for her, she would have been a menace on the road. About the only thing she cared about a year ago was who was calling or texting her or if her make up looked okay.

    Horray for you and taking this stand. You will make a better driver out of her this way. She will care more.

    I think boys are more mechanical too.
    I learned how to drive a car when I was 9, so I had a license at the age of 16 but I was just a little more mature than most kids.

  3. Tosha

     /  September 10, 2008

    I was driving at 15 and had my license at 16. I worked and only got my own car to carry myself to work. I paid my own way.My car was in my dads name but it was my responsibility to pay my own car note. If my car note was late I had a week to pay it or it was parked in my driveway till I could pay my parents what I owed them. I was way more responsible than my friends.

    At the rate taylor is going she wont be responsible enough for her license at 16.. Cole probably.. Taylor most likely not.. Jewel only time will tell.. But unless things improve for taylor over the next few years.. most likely not..

    I know for a fact my oldest daughter is not ready yet for her license. I can see my younger daughter getting her’s at 16 with no problem!

  4. Tosha

     /  September 11, 2008

    STay safe with this storm! We are both in the line of fire I’m afraid.. are you evacuating? There isnt much time is there!

    It looks like we are going to get hit pretty hard by this one! Right now we have not made up our mind as to evacuate or not. Our house is built to withstand Hurricane 2 force winds, not that it makes me feel safer! If we do we will leave early Friday morning. Stay safe yourself!

  5. I was just shy of 18 and heading to college when I finally got my license. I was actually scared of getting my license, and I failed my first attempt miserably. I passed on the second test, but I didn’t really take up driving until a year later.

    I think my son will be ready when he’s 16, my daughter, well, she’ll be another story, LOL. I have 4 years to go until we reach that point though. **phew**

    My youngest is 9 and I trust her driving just a golf cart more than I do her older sister! 🙂

  6. Tosha

     /  September 11, 2008

    we are going to leave tomorrow afternoon and head a lil further north to my husbands grandmothers

    Be safe!

  7. Stay safe Tosha!

    I agree it depends on the teen. We have graduated licenses in Michigan. They start with a permit and work their way up. Don’t quote me, but I believe they have to be 18 before they get a ‘full’ driver’s license now.

    Our oldest is very responsible and has been driving a quad for many years. This summer we’ve begun taking her for lessons in the car on back roads. She’s 13. By the time she gets her permit she’ll be more than prepared for it.

    Our youngest is less responsible. I’m not sure how ready she’ll be. She does know the driving laws, though. We’ve been teaching the girls those since they were little. 🙂

    Both of my daughters are great “Back Seat Drivers!”


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