Hurricane Ike

Well I survived Hurricane Ike. I think that FEMA should hand out t-shirts that say “I Survived Hurricane Ike ’08”.

OK, I will try to put my sarcasm aside for a minute. Please note that I said try!

First of all, my family is truly blessed. We made it through safe and sound. We have only minor roof damage, minor fence damage, we lost a live oak tree we just planted in our backyard and our satellite dish got turned a little and lost 2 of it’s pick-ups.

I live in the area where the red X is.

We were well prepared for this storm. We had all 3 of our vehicles gassed up. We had a generator, plenty of water and non-perishable food. I filled the tub up with water and put a bucket next to it so we could flush the toilet when needed. We turned our bedroom closet into a bunker in case of a tornado. We even put 4 baseball helmets in there “just in case!” We turned off our gas and our water at the house just before the storm hit. You might even say we were over prepared if there is such a thing. 

Our house is about 7 years old and is built to survive hurricane force winds. Not one single window rattled through the entire hurricane. I was very impressed. I would not stay for anything bigger than this hurricane, but I actually felt safe in this house during a category 2 storm.

Now for just a little recap of the storm:

  • Friday night we started getting tropical storm strength winds around 6pm.
  • I put both of my girls to bed around 9pm. My youngest went to sleep my oldest did not.
  • We lost our power at 10pm.
  • My husband fell asleep, passed out, on the couch around 11pm.
  • At 11pm or so we were getting hammered by hurricane strength winds.
  • My oldest daughter and I listened to our radios and made fun of the reporters all night.
  • At 2am we thought we heard what sounded like a tornado so I woke up my husband and my youngest daughter and we moved into our closet.
  • At 2:05am both my husband and my youngest daughter went back to sleep in the closet.
  • At 2:30 we kept waiting for a break with the eye coming but we never got it. It went just east of us by 5 miles.
  • At 3am my oldest daughter finally fell asleep in the closet.
  • At 3am I grabbed my daughter’s Game Boy and played Mario Kart while listening to my radio.
  • At 5am my husband got off the floor in our closet and moved to our bed. I swear he was sleep walking!
  • At 6am both of my daughters woke up.
  • At 6am the winds were not as strong so we left the closet.
  • I got up and walked around the house and heard a dripping noise coming from upstairs. Our roof was leaking so I grabbed as many pots as I could and put them around to save the carpet.
  • At 7am my husband woke up and asked my why I hadn’t woke him up. I figured we made it this far so I did not kill him! (Just to note I tried at least 5 times to wake him up!)
  • The winds and the rain finally stopped around 9am.
  • After the storm we got our generator going and plugged in the fridge, the TV, and 2 fans. I told our neighbors we had it and they came by and plugged in their phones when needed.
  • Our water came back on Saturday afternoon with full pressure.
  • At 7pm Saturday night I finally went to sleep after having been up for 36 hours!
  • We finally got our power back on Sunday night.

My heart goes out to everyone who were not as lucky as we were.

*Times are not 100% accurate!

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  1. I was so happy to see your comment on my blog because then I knew you were OK. I thought about you many times and I am so happy to know things went OK with you and your family. I knew you were close to Ike but I didn’t realize you were that close. That must have frightened you to hear what sounded like a tornado. I am just glad you didn’t have to much damage. Isn’t it always the Moms that stay awake through a hurricane?

    Believe it or not I was not actually scared! I could not believe my husband fell asleep! I think I was soo pissed off at him that I couldn’t be scared!

  2. I’m with Joan. When I saw your comment today and your little purple heart, I was so thankful. I was so worried about you and Tosha. She was hit pretty hard I guess. My husband would have gone to sleep too. What’s with men???? I’m really glad your okay.

    We got very lucky. Now it’s time to extend a hand to others that were not so lucky!

  3. Tosha

     /  September 22, 2008

    im so glad you guys survived and were okay and didnt have much damage.. We weren’t as lucky but we are okay.. I posted an update on my blog but will fill in more details about the current situation later.. We finally have power again!

    Isn’t power great! 🙂


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