In The Eyes Of A Child

Last Friday, September 12th, before the hurricane hit we decided to go out to eat at a local restaurant before having to be stuck in the house for who knows how long. We were sitting at the table talking about how the people on the west end of Galveston had a mandatory evacuation. My 9 year old daughter was sitting at the table drawing on the back of a menu just listening to us.

This is what she drew:

The blue is not sky but it is water. This picture has been on my fridge since we got home that night.

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  1. You really can learn a lot from a child if you listen. I love that picture.

    Kids are very smart!

  2. Children’s drawings can tell you so much about what they are thinking. I have saved mostly every drawing my kids did in school. They are packed in boxes in the attic. I should go through them soon.

    I have not saved all of their drawings but I have a lot of them. Each one of my kids has a “Memory Box” that we put all their stuff in. They love looking at them evry once in a while.

  3. I love how children’s drawings tell a story.

    Me too.


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