Where In The World…Emerald Bay State Park

Emerald Bay State Park, Lake Tahoe, California

Vikingsholm.jpgVikingsholm Castle

Emerald Bay can be found on Wikipedia.

On a personal note: I went to Lake Tahoe in 1999. I was seven months pregnant with my youngest daughter. I fell in love with this beautiful place. The trail from the parking lot down to the house is very steep and is 1 mile long. The walk back up to the parking lot felt like it was 10 miles!

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  1. Wow, that place is simply gorgeous. I would so much love to go there. Somehow, that place reminds me of “rich” people. I’ve read a lot of books where people go there and I’ve always wanted to go too.

    We went in May and it was just beautiful. The Inn that we stayed at was very reasonible and they had bikes that you could use for free. We rode all around our side of the lake on the bikes. They have a casino near by so you can go gamble as well.
    I don’t think I would want to go there in the winter time!


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