I Am Cool!

This past week has been very interesting around my neighborhood. Due to Hurricane Ike the public schools don’t go back until September 29th. My youngest daughter, who goes to a private school,went back this Monday the 22nd. The kids are pretty much getting very bored!

The kids are having a hard time dealing with the fact that they don’t have t.v. as they know it. The cable is out and for those of us that have satellite, our dishes are turned just enough not to receive a signal! They can’t believe they only have the local channels to watch. Especially when all the local channels are showing is the news. The horror!

My youngest daughter spent her week off from school playing with her friend across the street from us. They played outside with chalk or just ran around being crazy. Good clean simple fun!

My oldest daughter was hanging out, they don’t play when they are 16, with a couple of girls in our neighborhood. One of the girls found out that my daughter has a guitar. This girl has just started playing the guitar 6 months ago and she is pretty good. My daughter has had her guitar for 2 years and I never hear her play it. That changed last week. This girl decided to try and teach my daughter how to play. They were sitting outside on our patio playing the guitar when I asked if they wanted to borrow my guitar. Then they borrowed a song book that I had. So now they are both playing guitar on the patio. I overheard my daughter’s friend tell her that I am cool! I know it won’t last for long but I heard it with my own ears!

Just to note, I do not play the guitar very well. I am a jack of all trades and a master of none! Now my daughter keeps asking me for help on the guitar. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!

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  1. Covet the “coolness” because it really doesn’t last! LOL!! I love these simple ideas of what fun really is. I feel kids now don’t know how to do any of the old fun things there are to do without all the gadgetry in their lives.

    I love guitar hero, does that count?? I’m not half bad either if I do say so myself.

    Trust me I am enjoying being “cool” while it lasts!:)
    I am the mom who takes the kids outside and gets a good game of kickball going in the cul-de-sac.
    I have played Guitar Hero and that game is hard! So yes that counts!


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