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Question of the week: Do you just give your children an allowance or do you make them earn it?

When I was growing up we were just given an allowance. My mom did all of the cleaning but we did have chores like setting the table at night. But my mom always had to tell us to do it.

In my house I make my kids earn their allowance. They have a chart that is posted on the fridge with the jobs they are expected to do and the dollar amount of each job. For example my oldest daughter earns $2 for cleaning the upstairs bathroom. If I have to tell her to clean her bathroom $1 is deducted from her allowance.

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  1. They have to earn it. They have chores they’re expected to do, plus they have to keep up with homework / grades, go to church and do whatever is asked of them. I also deduct if they skimp on their end of the deal.

    Really, it’s good practice for life. In real life, if a person doesn’t go to their job on a regular basis, or doesn’t do a good job, their income is affected.

    I’m not all hardnosed, though. A couple of rainy Fridays ago they came home to a chore list with strict instructions: “I have an appointment, I’ll be home to make dinner. In the meantime, I expect you to watch tv, play video games and eat Cheetos. Love, Mom”

    I love the rainy day chore list! 🙂

  2. Ha! Ha! Now that I live with my daughter I am the one who has to ask for money. Talk about the tables being turned.

    When my kids were young I didn’t give them an allowance though they did have chores. They both had after school jobs at 14 for a couple of hours a day. They chose to have the jobs and they got to keep the money. They still had chores though. I was a single mom and they were very good and helpful to me.

    I would come home from work on a Saturday and my daughter would have cleaned the whole house making her brother help.

    Maybe I better be careful how strict I am when it comes to allowances! 🙂

  3. I was pretty hard nosed about chores and allowances. I was lenient with a lot of other things but when it came to earning money, I wanted to teach them what it was really all about. We had chores posted on a chart when they were small and when they did it, they got a sticker. IF they didn’t do ALL the chores, they got no allowance. I just wanted to prepare them for real life jobs. When your boss gives you something to do you can’t say I don’t want to do that and still expect your paycheck. Luckily both my boys now are very productive members of society and both have good jobs and never miss work. PHEW!!

    I think the entire allowance thing is to prepare them for the real world. It teaches them how to earn and then how to save money.


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