Can She Come Out And Play

Yesterday afternoon my girls sat down at their separate tables to do their homework. About 10 minutes into homework our doorbell rang. Bothgirls tried to jump up and answer the door but I quickly told them bothnot to move. When I answered the door it was some younger kids that my 9 year old plays with. Remember she is in the 4th grade, these kids are in 1st grade. There was the girl from across the street, the boy 4 houses down from us and one of his little buddies from school.

This is the conversation I had with these 3 little kids:

Little girl: “Can Daughter #2 come out and play with us?”
Me: “No, she is doing her homework but when she is done she can come out.”
Little girl: “OK we will be outside waiting for her.”
Little neighbor boy: “I never want to be in 4th grade, she always has homework!”
At this point my oldest daughter gets up and tells me she is done with her homework.
Little neighbor boy’s friend: “Can she come out and play?” (He was pointing to my 16 year old daughter!)
Me: “She is mean I don’t think you want her to play with you.”  (My oldest daughter is laughing.)
Little neighbor boy: “Did she get a haircut?” (He is now pointing to my 16 year old who had her hair cut last week and for the 1st time in 2 years does not have her hair in a ponytail)
Me: “No, she finally decided to brush it!” (Now my oldest daughter is starting to get a little annoyed with me.)
Little neighbor boy’s friend: “Well, she is smokin hot!”
Me: “Well we need to go finish up the homework so daughter #2 can come out and play with you guys.”

At this point I am almost on the floor laughing so hard! I asked my 16 year old how it felt to be hit on by a 6 year old! Then I told her I was going to call her boyfriend and let him know that there was some competition out there for him!

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  1. This is damn hilarious!! LMAO!!!!

    It has been providing laughter in my house all week! 🙂


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