Friday Night Lights

This past Friday I took my two daughters and a friend of my oldest daughter to the High School football game. My oldest daughter’s high school was playing against my old high school. This was a game I could not miss! My youngest daughter wanted to go because I promised to buy her some pom-poms!

My daughter goes to a new high school that was added to our district just last year. This is their first year to have a varsity team and they are doing pretty good with having no seniors.

I reluctantly sat on the enemy’s my daughter’s side of the stadium. I figured I could embarrass them more doing this! I was nice and wore neutral colors but I did stand up and sing my old school song when they played it, and I kept cheering when my old team scored! During the 3rd quarter my daughter’s school finally scored a touchdown. I was told by my daughter’s friend that I was jinxing them! I just laughed!

My school had the game well in hand with a score of 32-7. The last play of the game my daughter’s school had the ball. Everybody was pretty much really down so I made the comment: “Cheer up! It’s not like you guys are going to have a bad snap and fumble the ball or something horrible like that!” Well guess what the hell happens next! Yep, a bad snap and the quarterback fumbles the ball! I had two very large dads turn around and give me the look of death!

I couldn’t help but laugh and I swore that next time I would root for my daughter’s school or go sit on the other side!

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  1. You sound like your so much fun. There’s nothing wrong with cheering for your old team. I find it hilarious. Also, if it’s a new team and new school, the winning will come. How did daughter #2 liker her pom poms??

    What you call fun, my kids call embarrassing! Daughter #2 loved her pom poms, she teased her sister all night long with them.

  2. You have a gift! Now would you kindly predict that you and all of your readers will win the lottery? 😀 (I’m sure I would’ve won already, but they have this pesky rule that you must actually PLAY in order to win. Fussy, fussy.)

    Let’s see there are going to be 6 numbers between 1 and 54! (At least here in Texas!) 🙂


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