The Great Lunch Room Debate

Yesterday, my youngest daughter informed me that they were given assigned seats at lunch time. The boys sit at one table and the girls at another. I figured the boys must have been picking on the girls or the girls were teasing the boys. You know, simple 4th grade stuff! Once again I am wrong! Life can not be that simple in 4th grade, what ever was I thinking?!

The teacher had to separate the kids because of a much heated discussion about the presidential election! Turns out they were not arguing over whether or not the next president should be McCain or Obama, no they have already had that discussion on the playground! They were arguing about the 2012 election! The girls told the boys it would be the first time both parties would have a woman nominee for president, Hilary Clinton versus Sarah Palin. The boys apparently disagreed with that scenario.

So, now for the next 2 weeks the girls and the boys will be eating at separate lunch tables. Personally I think the girls will be hatching another plot against the boys. Maybe they will figure out how they are going to take over the NFL!

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  1. OMG this is hilarious. How neat that those kids were thinking about this. Not only that but were thinking so far ahead. I think it’s pretty brilliant of them.

    I think we need to start a chapter of FPA, Future Politicians of America at her school! 🙂

  2. This really is amazing. I love to hear about kids being so smart and actually thinking about the real world! There’s at least one school district in this country that’s turning out involved citizens!

    Where is this school district that you talk of?! We send our youngest daughter, as we did our oldest, to a Catholic School. The school goes up to 8th grade so after that we have to bite our tongues and put them in public school. So far the oldest is doing just fine with hanging in there in the public school but it is so funny when she starts getting mad at the administration too! 🙂


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