Friday’s Are For Fishing and Our Church Bazaar!

Friday, we finally got to take our boat out on the water. This was the first time out on the boat since Not-So-Nice Ike hit us. We have been on the hunt for a ramp we could launch from for a month now since our normal ramp is no longer there. We made it out on the water just fine but I can tell you we did not run our boat very fast at all! There is stuff sticking out of the water all over the place. There are people’s personal piers that are now resting in the middle of the bay, along with people’s refrigerators. We managed to bump into something in our boat while we were in 20 feet of water. We saw a lot of boats washed up onto a levy as well. The good news for the day was that the fish are still here and they were biting! We managed to bring home 5 sand trout and we threw back about 4 that were just too small to mess with.

Saturday, our church had it’s annual fall bazaar. We had bingo, food, beer, kid’s games, moonwalks and Karaoke. We played all day Saturday and had a great time! My oldest daughter managed to win 3 bottles of soda by knocking down milk bottles with a softball. All of those years playing softball finally payed off! My girls were not brave enough to do the Karaoke but let me tell you I think every other girl there sang! I heard Hannah Montana at least a 100 times! I thought my ears were going to start bleeding! Even my youngest daughter kept saying “Make it stop!”

Sunday, my youngest daughter and I had to work the Lollipop Tree for her school’s spirit squad at the bazaar. We had a good time and the 2 hours of working went by fast. I told my oldest daughter she could bring our neighbor. Now mind you we are Catholic and our neighbor is not. She thought it was very strange that we had beer there and that we let the kids play Bingo. I do not drink, but I played my share of Bingo! I won once and my oldest daughter won twice! I even think we corrupted our neighbor because she did not want to leave the bingo tent!

Today my youngest daughter had the day off from school so that they could clean up after the bazaar. Since she has to do 20 hours of community service for the school we spent 2 hours this morning breaking our backs taking everything down. But we had fun doing it!

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  1. That sounds like so much fun. Not about the boat but the bazaar. I haven’t played bingo in years and used to really love it.

    We had a blast playing bingo! My in-laws have a bingo game for the kids to play when we all get together. They play for a nickel a card and the bingo caller gets paid 10 cents a game. Every new game they have to switch bingo callers. I know we are bad, very bad! 😦


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