My Daughter The Golf Stalker

This past Friday we let the girls skip school and we went to go see the Champions Golf tour that game here to Houston. We love going to see the Champions play because they can still play great golf and they are so friendly especially to the kids.

First of all let me give you just a little background on our family history with Fuzzy Zoeller. My father-in-law got to play in a Pro-Am golf event with him many years ago. He has a signed dollar bill from Fuzzy that he “won” on a hole. My daughter’s named our first family hamster Fuzzy after him. About 4 years ago my oldest daughter got his autograph and Mr. Zoeller overheard me say “Wow, that is a 3rd generation autograph you got there! You Grandpa has one, your Dad has one and now you do too!” Mr. Zoeller came up to me and asked me, jokingly of course, “Are you calling me old!?”

Friday, my youngest daughter got Fuzzy’s autograph on her pairing sheet when he came off the putting green. He was asking her about her Hannah Montana shirt and kidding around with her. We started to walk around the course a bit and we caught up with his group on the 6th hole. My youngest daughter decided she wanted to watch him play so we followed his group. She kept getting right up to the ropes when he was hitting the ball. When he was done on the 9th hole he signed his ball and gave it to my daughter. She was in 7th heaven!

We went to the 18th green and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon. My youngest daughter took a white hat she got and was standing outside the scoring shack getting players to sign it. She got some great autographs, Lee Trevino, Bernhard Langer, Fred Funk, John Cook (He also gave her a signed ball) just to name a few. She got Fuzzy to sign her white hat as well.

After Fuzzy was done he went up on the balcony of the clubhouse to relax, no doubt and probably try and get away from my daughter! My oldest daughter took her hat and threw it up to Fuzzy for him to sign. My youngest daughter tried to throw her hat up to him but he told her kidding around, “No way, I already signed it for you! Don’t you have enough from me today!”

So, if you here in the news that Fuzzy Zoeller is being stalked by a 9 year old that would be my little 9 year old!

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  1. What a neat way to spend a day. It’s so fun to get autographs. It’s also pretty cool that you have them from the past. Thanks for the info. If I hear it on the news about the stalker, we’ll know your in deep doo-doo and will send help!!!

    I can see the headlines now: Senior Golfer gets stalked by Hannah Montana fan!


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