Fall Is In The Air

Fall is my favorite season of all. To me it is a time to slow down a little, a time to reflect on my life. It’s time to put away the iced tea and grab a nice warm cup of coffee flavored with Vanilla Caramel Coffee-Mate.

Today is the first time we have had to put the heat on in the house. This is also the first day I have put on a pair of jeans in months. I love jeans and sweatshirt weather. Of course living in Texas this will also be the first day that we have the heat on in the morning and the air conditioner on in the afternoon!

Certain events always remind me that Fall is finally here. The Wings Over Houston Airshow is one of these events. We went this past Saturday and had a blast. This year we had the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and they were awesome.

Halloween is definetly another event that reminds of Fall. Sunday I climbed up in the attic and brought down our Halloween decorations. We put our headless man out and hung homemade ghosts from trees. I am attempting to find a head to put next to him that has sound or moves. Come Halloween night we will put our candy bowl in the headless man’s lap and attempt to scare the crap out of the neighborhood brats kids!

Another thing that reminds me that Fall is finally here is the first time one of the kids catch the dreaded cold. Both of my daughters have been fighting allergies all week long and finally Sunday my youngest one spiked a fever of 101! So Fall is finally here!

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  1. I love fall too. It is finally cool enough to reduce the ragweed pollen a smidgen.

    hahaha… on scaring the pooh out of the kids on Halloween. I love it! It is our one day to get back at them for terrorizing the neighborhood.

    I love Halloween! One year my husband dressed up in his hunting gear and sat on the porch with his hunting rifle. When he moved he scared the crap out of the kids! Some of the parents complained about the gun so I told him not to do that any more!

  2. I also really love the fall. We had snow here on Sunday!! I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t accumilate or anything but the wind blew everything over. It was really awful. It was like a nasty slap to the face. I did all my Halloween stuff up last week too. I also love putting on jeans and sweatshirts. LOVE IT!

    Love your headless man too. Those talking heads would scare me!! LOL!!!

    We had snow here…let’s see what year was that?! I think it snows in Houston every 20 years. We actually had snow on Christmas morning in 2004. We had enough that the kids even got to build a snowman!

  3. kaylee2

     /  October 28, 2008

    itS STIL 98 HERE 😦 why doesnt arizona get cold? I am sorry your daughter is sick 😦

    The only good thing about 98 degrees is the band!


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