I Just Don’t Understand!

We have the same routine pretty much every morning. I wake up at 5:15 chug down 6 cups of black coffee and make my way upstairs at 6 to make sure that both of my girls are alive and moving. I go back downstairs to make breakfast for them and pack their lunches.

My oldest daughter’s school starts at 7:20 and my youngest daughter’s school starts at 7:40. We leave the house at 6:40 to make the daily school run. I drop my oldest daughter off at 6:50 and then head over to my youngest daughter’s school. We get there about 7 and have to sit for 40 minutes. I don’t mind waiting as we study for spelling and multiplication or just have fun singing with the radio.

This was the conversation I had this morning with my adorable 16 year old:

  • Sweet 16: “Mom can we leave for school a little earlier this morning?”
  • Crabby old Mom: “No, we can’t leave much earlier than we we already do!”
  • Sweet 16: “But Mom, I have to stop by Mrs. So-and-So’s class this morning.”
  • Crabby old Mom: “You have plenty of time to do that. The first bell doesn’t ring until 7:10.”
  • Sweet 16: “But Mom, I have people I need to talk to in the morning.”
  • Crabby old Mom: “Well I guess your people will just have to find a way to get their morning started without you today.”
  • Sweet 16: “I wish you could swap places with me and see what I have to do every day! You just don’t understand!

I let her have the last word, because like my mom used to always say: “Last tag’s a dirty pig and I’m a little lady!”

Just to note: We left at our usual time of 6:40! 🙂

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  1. Man, you leave early enough each day. I would have told her the same thing. If I had to keep that routine I’d need a nap by 10 AM!

    I just go to bed by 9 PM! To me 10 PM is staying up and living the high life! 🙂

  2. How easily they forget that we had to survive “their” life before we got to this one! If only they knew how good they have it before it’s too late… Why is life so cruel like that?

    Didn’t anyone tell you, moms don’t have a life! 🙂


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