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Question of the week: At what age did you or your children find out that there is no Santa Claus?

I think I was 5 or 6 when my older brother by 3 years broke the news to me. He took me into my mom and dad’s closet where they stashed all the gifts. They were all wrapped and he unwrapped them and then wrapped them back up. This became our little tradition for years!

My oldest daughter was in the 4th grade when she admitted to us that she knew there was no Santa. She never told me what age she was when she figured it out. I told her if she ever told her little sister she would really know there was no Santa because she would have no gifts! So far my youngest who is now in the 4th grade has not admitted to me that there is no Santa but my motherly instinct is telling me she knows the truth.

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  1. What do you mean? There is no Santa??? *runs screaming into the hills*

    I think mine were older. Around 8 I guess but my oldest did a good job of keeping him real to his little brother. I was also kind of old. Maybe 9. I think back in my day we believed longer. I think both of my oldest grandchildren still believe and they’re both 8.

    Sorry You had to find out this way! LOL
    I think Christmas is just a little bit more fun when they still believe in Santa.

  2. My children have never told me that they don’t believe, but I know they don’t . I think they fear it might ruin my fun if they tell me. I think they gave it up about 2 years ago. I still play along though.

    I was in 3rd grade (8?) when I figured out my dad’s handwriting on a note from Santa.

    My parents to this day will not let us thank them if it is a gift from Santa. I’m 39… LOL.

    Up until the day my mom passed away she said there was a Santa and we always had a present from Santa as well! I will probably do the same thing to my girls. It adds a little fun to the season.

  3. Hang onto the dream as long as you can, parents! Now that our girls both admit they know, a tiny bit of magic is gone. (sigh)

    We still do Santa gifts, though. ;0)

    At least you don’t have to stay up super late and bring out the presents on Christmas Eve!


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