R.I.P. Marshmallow


October 2007 – November 13, 2008
Today our pet hamster Marshmallow went on to run in the Big Hamster Wheel in the Sky. Marshmallow was a good little hamster. She never bit anyone, except for the oldest daughter who always poked at her and probably deserved to be bit. She spent most of her life running around in her little wheel. The rest of her time was spent eating and sleeping. She traveled  out of the house once to go to church this past October for the Blessing of the Animals. Marshmallow was preceded in death by Fuzzy the Hamster.
A graveside funeral will be held after school on this the 13th day of November, 2008.
In lieu of flowers please send prayers that my children will not talk my husband into buying an Iguana!


This song has been in my head since I found out that Marshmallow passed away!

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  1. I’m sorry about Marshmallow. I have more dead animals buried in my backyard then you could imagine including pet mice and rats and hamsters and gerbils and dogs and cats and birds and geckos and salamanders and then the ones I can’t even remember. Oh, and fish. Had a python for a summer but we were just babysitting it. Luckily we didn’t kill it by mistake.

    Yea, I would skip the iguana.

    This will be our second pet to go into our pet cemetery. The last one, Fuzzy, even has a little rock headstone!

  2. I’m so sorry. You know we are all animal loves over at our blog. I’ll pray for you not to get the iguana. Are the girls okay?

    The oldest one said “oh no” in a real sad voice and that lasted for about a minute until she asked if she could pick out the next hamster. The youngest one is just a touch more sensitive and had herself a really good cry on the way home from school and put flowers in the box for the hamster when we buried it. She is doing pretty good today.


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