Scrunchy the Gerbil

Scrunchy the Gerbil


This is our newest family member Scrunchy. She is a gray rat gerbil. We decided to go with a gerbil instead of another hamster this time. Gerbils are a little more active than the hamsters. Unfortunaltely, to me they look more like rats! But the same house rules apply: Mom never has to do anything with it!

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  1. Eeewww…I’m just not a fan of these kinds of pets. I’m happy for your girls though. Oh what us parents have to go through. We’ve always had cats so I used that for my excuse as to NOT have rodents!!! Good luck to Scrunchy.

    I can’t stand rodents! They had to beg for years and years to get a hamster! The first hamster was black and pretty cute but I never touched her. The last hamster was brown and white and I petted her a little bit. She had a laid back attitude. The gerbil I will admit is very funny! She is a little too quick for even the kids to pet. Cleaning her cage should be interesting! 🙂

  2. You are a fantastic mom. I always had a problem with rodent pets because they smell like rodent pests. But pets are such a wonderful learning tool for kids.

    Enjoy your new gerbil.

    Thanks. I have already told the girls if it gets out of the cage we do have a mouse trap in the house I can set up! 🙂


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