Final Farewells

This past weekend I attended the funeral for my brother-in-law. His funeral was very simple and nice. They had a viewing in the church and then had mass for him. It was all very serious. 

My 9 year old nephew, not his son, sat in the pew in front of me after he said his final goodbye and he was talking to my 9 year old daughter.  I overheard him tell her “Everyone keeps saying how nice he looks. He looks dead to me!” I had to leave the church for a minute because I was laughing so hard!

Then I started to think about other funerals I have attended over the years. This funeral sticks out in my mind the most:

 My aunt, who was my mother’s sister, passed away when I was in my early 20’s. She was the oldest of 8 kids and she was the first to pass away in our family. During the visitation I turned around to see one of my cousins, who is the same age as me, wearing these eyeglasses with the springy eyeballs. There were 6 of us cousins who just lost it laughing and we all went out into the front of the funeral home. We were sitting there on the couches when one of my older cousins starts tossing one of the urns that were on display. So there we were playing toss with the urn when one of my aunts came out and told us how inappropriate we were being. I then told her “Well if she wasn’t dead she would be the one out here leading us!” 

At this same funeral when we went to the cemetery my mother was paying her last respects at the casket and her heel got stuck in the ground. She bent down to get her shoe unstuck and fell into the hole! We all started laughing and the priest helped her up and told her “This is not a two for one deal!”

After the funeral we all went back to one of my aunt’s house and had a huge party with music and a keg.

Personally I hope I have a funeral like my aunt’s!

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  1. kaylee2

     /  November 24, 2008

    funerals are a tough thing 😦

    Yes they are. But they are part of life and I think with each one we grow a little bit ourselves.

  2. Good SOH in a tough environment. Cudoes. Visit my blog at,

    Having a good sense of humor is key to getting through times like these in my opinion.

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. If you click on users in the dashboard you can insert your blog info in the website section.

  3. I figured that’s where you were keeping yourself. Funerals stink. Your aunts sounds like a plan to me. When my mother in law died, I took it hard and kept thinking all these dumb things like “what if she’s cold?” Right!!! I couldn’t help it and it was really my first taste of death for someone I really loved.

    Glad it went well. Now the family can try and put things back together.

    This was a first time funeral for all of the kids except my oldest. They had a lot of questions for us!

  4. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. I remember laughing a lot at funerals/receptions of people who meant the most to me.

    Your aunt’s funeral sounds like my kind of funeral.

    My sympathies to you and your family.


  5. I’m sorry about your brother-in-law. I’m already starting a list of music I want played at my funeral because if they play songs like “Nearer, My God, To Thee” I will come back and haunt my family. I want rock & roll played at my funeral. I already picked out a pine casket. I love the scent of pine and it’s cheap. I posted a picture of it once. I also want them to have a helluva party after wards because I am going to haunt them anyway and attend it.

    You sound like me! Actually I started thinking just this morning about writing a letter to be read at my funeral. I figured I would tell everyone to suck it up and go have a good time!

  6. I’m with you… I want people to get the message loud and clear: you might be next, so enjoy being alive today, and enjoy being with the people surrounding you! And have another laugh in my memory!


  7. I am sorry for your family’s loss. (hugs)

    When my younger brother passed away I was 8 months pregnant and wearing a hideous purple dress. Half-way thru the preacher’s message my brother leaned over to me and called me “Grape Ape.” I burst out laughing and had to tell my sister who began laughing…. before long the entire family was laughing so hard we tears rolling down our cheeks… You could hear various half whispers of “Grape Ape” through the rest of the service.

    Thanks. That is just too funny! I used to love Grape Ape!

  8. I remember going to a funeral of a neighbour when I was younger. Ron, one of the other neighbours, who was a close friend, but not exactly well known for his brightness was asked to be a pallbearer.

    When the time come, they all went to the coffin and picked it up, yet Ron was facing the opposite way to the rest of the pallbearers. I could not stop laughing. I’m still not sure my Mum has forgiven me for laughing at that one.

    I would have laughed too!


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