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Question of the week: What Christmas traditions do you and your family have?

We have a couple of traditions that we do in my house. One is the tree, we buy it 12 days before Christmas on December 13th and we leave it up until Little Christmas which is on January 6th. My mom’s birthday was the 13th of December and every year we bought here a new ornament for the tree. We still buy a new ornament every year in her honor it is always the first ornament to be placed on the tree.

Another tradition that I started when I was in the 7th grade was making a bread called a Cream Cheese Braid. It is similar to a Cream Cheese Danish Coffeecake. We make these and give them out to our neighbors and friends. Now the kids give them to their teachers as well. I started out just making 4 loaves and I think we are up to 24 loaves this year. It takes 2 days to make so we usually plan for a Friday and Saturday to do nothing but make bread. The girls love it and last year we even had some of their friends help us make them.

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  1. Ours is more of a Christmas Eve tradition… we make homemade pizza and watch “Christmas Story.” Good times!

    We love that movie!

  2. We always do our tree the day after Christmas and our yard and house that same weekend. My birthday is the 27th and I like all signs of Christmas gone by then so it all comes down the 26th. ALWAYS. We had a lot more traditions when the boys were small but as they grow and marry, you have to really learn to share and not be greedy or demanding and you have to accept the changes or you will make it into a chore for them and who wants that?

    You sound like my mother-in-law. She is great about sharing except when we try and share the kids with her for a long weekend! 🙂


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