Bad Economy Hits North Pole

I kid you not, this conversation actually took place! The other morning while we were driving to school I had the news on the radio. They were talking about how bad the economy is and how we are now in a recession. My youngest daughter, who is a little bit of a news junkie, started asking me some questions. Personally I think she is on to this Santa thing and was just asking me a bunch of questions to try and make me slip up.

Youngest Daughter: “How does Santa pay for all the toys he brings us?”
Me: “Well, duh, he makes them.”
Youngest Daughter: “How does he pay for all the supplies to make them then and how does he pay the elves?”
Me: “He probably gets donations for all that stuff.”
My oldest daughter, who is riding in the front seat, is now laughing her ass off at me!
Youngest Daughter: “Well, they are saying that people are not donating money as much this year. What will Santa do if he runs out of money?”
Me: “I guess he will have to lay-off some of his elves and maybe cut back on some of the toys he brings.”
Youngest Daughter: “Why doesn’t he just ask for a Bail Out?”
At this point I had to start laughing along with my oldest daughter! My response was just “I don’t know! Don’t you have to study for a spelling test or something?!”
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  1. That was a great conversation. I love the bailout!!! LMAO!!

    Everyone else is asking for a bailout…Why not Santa?! 🙂


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