They Always Come In Threes

It must be in the water or maybe it’s on the keyboards! It seems like Grandmothers-to-be are popping up everywhere I turn. Births are much like deaths, they always come in threes.

Joan over at What Ever I Think was first to announce that her daughter is pregnant. Then Bet Me over at Dis Is My Place announced that her son’s girlfriend is expecting. Congratulations to both of them and their families!

I better not be number 3!

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  1. Thanks , Just A Mom! I was so excited to hear that Betme is going to be a Grandma too. I wonder who will be the third. You are right, you better not be #3. My daughter will be 30 when she has the baby and that is plenty young enough.

    Yeah, it better not be me for a loooong time!

  2. I would love it if it were going to be me but sadly, my grandchildren are all here and they are all I’m going to get. I do have 3 though. Maybe that ‘s the 3rd. Yes, I agree it better not be you!!!

    I just found out my neighbor’s dog is expecting, hopefully that’s the 3rd one!


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