Fa, La, La, La, La…Band Aid

Band Aid
Do They Know It’s Christmas  

* This is an all time favorite of mine! My kids hate it when the song comes on the radio because I tell them who is singing what part. I love how Sting sings the line “the bitter sting of tears.”

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  1. This was great. I’d never heard it or seen it before. Who is the guy who started it out? Wearing the white T-shirt? He’s a hottie. Can you believe how awful those fashions and hair were in the 80’s??? LMAO!! I really enjoyed this.

    The first guy singing is Paul Young and yes he is a hottie! What do you mean “how awful those fashions were”? We were stylin back then! 🙂

  2. Did you like the 80’s clothes? I didn’t care for them. I loved the 70’s but I hated most of the 80’s stuff. All those leggings and long baggy shirts. They never looked good on me. I’m to tall. I loved bell bottoms.

    I loved the 80’s clothes. I was all excited when I saw shirts that were “retro” at the department stores. All I had to do was go deep in my closet and I was back in style! 🙂
    My oldest daughter loves bell bottoms and the 70 style clothing.

  3. OOOHhh somebody dissing the 80’s..say it isn’t so! I can so remember when this came out. I loved watching all of my favorites together for 1 common goal!

    I lived my life in the 70’s but came alive in the 80’s. How’s that? I LOVED LOVED LOVED the long shirts, leggings, bangles, funked out hair. Oh.My.Gosh. I so still do! 🙂

    The 80’s rule in my book! I have had satellite radio for almost a year now and I think the only 2 stations I listen to are the 80’s station and the New Wave station.


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