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I know it is not that big a deal to a lot of people, but we got snow! It started snowing last night at my house around 7 pm and by the time I went to bed at 9:30 pm it was coming down pretty good. The kids had a mini snowball fight this morning before school. My youngest daughter and I got to play in the snow a little bit longer once we got to her school. She was all excited because she got to make a snow angel!

The last time it snowed here in Houston was on Christmas Eve/day 2004.

*I did not make this video I found it on YouTube.

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  1. I love snow. Being from the Northeast we get a good amount in the winter. We don’t get as much as the rest of New England but once in a while we will get a blizzard. We got one about 4 years ago when we got three feet of snow overnight. It was awesome.

    So it hasn’t snowed in 4 years? Wow!!! I’m glad you all enjoyed it.

    It usually snows every 10 years here in Houston. The past 2 times it has snowed someone in our family has passed away during that year.

  2. Welcome to Minnesota!! It’s been snowing lightly here for two days. It’s slowly starting to stick. Do you like the snow? I just love it. I just feel if it’s going to be below zero, we may as well have snow. My grandson made almost a perfect snow angle Wed night. Maybe he’s small enough and can just jump out of it easier. My granddaughter made a “fort” on my deck and thanks go her, it got shoveled that way.

    Drive safe. That’s the only bad thing when your not used to it.

    I love the snow to a point! It is alright every 4 years or so and it only lasts for a day. I lived up in New Hampshire for 2 years in my 20’s and I high tailed it back to Houston as soon as I could! ūüôā


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