The Christmas Rush

For some reason this Christmas season has been very busy. Maybe it is because my kids are getting older and are into more activities. It seems like every day I am checking the calendar and hoping that I am not forgetting to pick someone up at a certain time.

The first weekend of December my youngest was in our Holiday Parade with her school. That took almost the whole week to prepare for. Last week my oldest daughter had her school choir’s Christmas concert and my youngest daughter had a Christmas party for her school spirit squad. This week my oldest daughter has a Christmas party for her FFA (Future Farmer’s of America) club and my youngest daughter has her school choir’s Christmas concert. Friday my youngest daughter will be going to church and she was picked to get up and say the Prayers of the Faithful. My youngest daughter will also be having a school party on Friday which I get to help out at. Saturday night we are going caroling with my youngest daughter’s school choir.

I really shouldn’t complain because it has been a very fun couple of weeks. I just can’t wait for the kids to go on Christmas break so we can just sit back and enjoy the season at a slower pace!

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  1. Surprisingly, I’m not that busy or stressed out this year. The company I’ll be having this Sat isn’t really like “company” to me so it’s not a whole lot of work. Then Christmas Day it will just be our kids and I don’t stress over that either. The only thing I’m really worrying about is “if” I have things for everyone. I got “lists” for the grown kids way to late this year and that worries me. I guess if the stuff isn’t here by then it will be their fault for not letting me know earlier. Man, I hate hearing “I don’t know” when I ask what they’d like.

    Enjoy this fun time with your girls. You will miss it when it’s over.

    Trust me, I am actually having a blast with all their stuff!
    For your “I Don’t Know” people you should just buy them a greeting card and write “I don’t know either! Merry Christmas!” 🙂

  2. LOL, that’s what I should do!!!!


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