Video Of The Week

I couldn’t resist posting some of my favorite Christmas commercials. 🙂

Hershey Kisses


Folgers Coffee



Oreo Cookies



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  1. I’m such a sap. I cry at Christmas ads. Always have. The second one got to me and I loved the last one. Thanks for posting these. Do they still do ads for Folger’s coffee? I don’t remember seeing any recently. I always liked their ads.

    I love the Folger’s coffee commercial I have ever since I was a kid. Come to think of it I have not seen a Folger’s coffee ad in a long time. If they are running them they ae not working because I sure can’t think of one!

  2. I LOVE the bears and penguins. These were great to see. I’m with Joan, sometimes I tear up when I see these.

    It’s good to know I am not the only sap out there who gets teary eyed at stupid ads! 🙂


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