Christmas Elves

My youngest daughter came home from school today and built a little bed out of a cardboard box, placed crackers, popcorn, and a bowl of water next to it and wrote a letter to Santa asking for an Elf to come visit her.

I for one have never heard of the Magic Elf and I am going to kill a few parents that started this at my daughter’s school! Apparently, this Elf comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas once his work at the North Pole is complete. During the night he runs around your house and the next day you are supposed to find him. For more info check out Magic Elf Christmas Traditions.

I decided since my daughter went to all the trouble of making a bed for this Elf that I would try to play along. I went on a trek this afternoon to try and find an Elf. Well guess what? When you try to find something that you really need you can’t find it! I instead found a cute little Christmas Mouse that hangs out in Santa’s Toy Workshop. He is Chris the Christmas Mouse and he better work!

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  1. ok so let me get this straight…YOU (the mom) have to purchase above mentioned elf at the price of $24.95 + shipping and crap? Am I getting this right? And then you hide the elf for (the child) and the child finds the elf? Or am I totally missing this? And will I then assume that YOU (the conservative mom) found a substitute in a mouse that was already spending time at your house? 🙂 am I anywhere close?

    Yes, I was supposed to buy a stupid elf and hide it. I, being the cheap, conservative, mom found a $2 stuffed mouse dressed in a cute Christmas outfit that I will hide instead. The stupid things I do for my kids!

  2. This is a really cute idea and one of the people on my blogroll, Laura at “Worldturned” has a similar idea. Her “elf” comes out the first of Dec and “watches” behavior for Santa. There is a new ornament and small gifts involved. It’s a really cute idea but not something like this. I applaud you for even going to look. I’d be irritated to no end at the person who started this at this late date because now what are you supposed to do?

    I told my daughter that next year she needs to put the “food” and letter out the day after Thanksgiving.

  3. well if that’s not a racket…did you go see how much some of those elves cost? OH. (bleep). NO! I find your conservatiness brilliant! I think what YOU did was a cute idea…I find the elf thing another way to racket christmas! BOO BAH HUMBUG!

    I wish I would have thought of this Magic Elf thing and cashed in on it, that’s for sure!

  4. I agree with Joy…you couldn’t order one of those to get to your house on time to perform his duty! Does the person who thought of the idea ..also MAKE the elves and sell them..perhaps? Anyhow I’m glad you went original. I think the christmas mouse is way more cute than one of those scary elves. You don’t know one of them might get drunk and trash the place (that’s what would happen at my house)…well cuz my kids are older like 17 and 21 I’d have to make it all dramatic!

    I actually talked to one of the moms who started this. Her daughter just got her elf this week because she ordered it too late. I told her to watch out for the Magic Baby Chicks at Easter time! I told her I will be taking orders right after Christmas! 🙂

  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Ok now you really are the BEST! That’s a riot! I take it you raise chicks?

    Nope, no farm animals here in the suburbs! I think I could easily buy a few dozen stuffed chicks and dress them up in Easter dresses and resell them as “Magic Easter Chicks” though!


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