Chris The Christmas Mouse

Last night Santa dropped off Chris the Christmas mouse to watch over my youngest daughter. I asked my daughter if she was disappointed that Santa didn’t leave an Elf for her and she said: “No way! This is much more special because he never gets to leave the North Pole!”

Chris the Mouse was nice enough to make some Cinnamon rolls for breakfast for all of us. So far so good! 

Chris the Christmas Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse


Letter From Santa

Letter From Santa

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  1. This is so great. I just love what you did by making it different. I’m so glad it worked and she’s enjoying it. It’s neat too that you said he had to go back after Christmas. Next year you can bring him out earlier.

    It was so nice that you did this for her.

    She is having fun and like I said before this will probably be her last year believing!

  2. YOU are the BEST mom! I would have so much rathered finding that little mouse who never got to do anything. Uhhh have you thought about writing a little kids book on this ?? You could even put in that little letter you wrote that is so cute! I think you should do it!

    Thanks for the compliment. Just doing my job. Man, do I have a great job!
    Hmmm…a kids book? I will have to deeply ponder that idea.

  3. wait till she goes to school and tells the other kids. There are gonna be some moms that are in the mouse house!
    Gosh mom…Jane Doe got a special mouse to visit her house..all I got was this elf like all the other kids! 😦 WWAAHHHH!!

    I can already hear the other moms cussing me out! They started it!


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