The Adventures of Chris The Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse

Chris the Christmas Mouse

I thought I would give an update on Chris the Mouse. Saturday my daughter just had to call her friend from school to tell her all about her mouse. She was just amazed that Santa let his mouse leave the North Pole! Her school friend ended up coming over that afternoon with her own Elf in tow.

I got to hear all about the Elf. My favorite story was when my daughter’s friend said that they were the only two with a real Elf and Mouse from Santa. According to her “the other kids who had them at school were not from Santa. Their parents bought them and even wrote the notes themselves!”

While my daughter’s friend was here her Elf and Chris the Mouse had some fun together. They went and stole some cookies from the cookie jar and left a mess under the Christmas tree. They also left a pack of gum for the girls to have.

That Saturday night was Chris’ first night with us. He decided to stay up all night on the couch and play the Gameboy. He also made himself a cup of my favorite hot chocolate and even had the nerve to use my special mug!

Last night Chris decided to play on the Foosball table. He also got markers, tape and scissors out to make gift tags for the candy bars he left for the kids.

Hopefully Chris will behave himself for the few remaining days he has left on his visit.

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  1. You are just to funny. I’m laughing at this. The only two “real” ones is cracking me up.

    My oldest daughter is playing along very well. She had to leave during that conversation. I catch her laughing in the bathroom every once in a while!

  2. this is too cute! Good for did good Mom!


  3. well??? What is Chris up to today??? Don’t keep us in suspense!

    Curiousity killed the cat. Good thing it didn’t kill the mouse! 🙂


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