Life After Christmas

Well Christmas came, and now it’s gone! Overall my family had a very nice holiday. We went to mass on Christmas Eve and opened presents on Christmas day. My in-laws came over for Christmas dinner which consisted of ham, creamed pearled onions and green bean casserole. We had a coconut cream pie for desert.

Now I must diet! I have been horrible this past month and my scale is showing it. I have also found that with not drinking for a year and a half by body is craving sugar and bread which is not good for the waistline. Getting back on my program is not going to be my New Years Resolution because I never can keep those. Instead this will just be a promise to myself!

My girls are driving me nuts already during their school vacations! We still have one week to go! My oldest daughter thinks my sole purpose in life is to be her personal chauffeur! WRONG! I am seriously thinking that it is time for her to start driving. My youngest daughter is just wanting to spend time with me. Like being by my side 24 hours a day!

Yesterday I spent part of the time helping my youngest daughter do some baking in her old Easy Bake Oven. The problem with this is there is nothing Easy about it! It takes 2 hours to make a cake when it has to cook by a 100 watt light bulb! But she had fun and she left me alone while I watched the comedy show the Dallas Cowboys put on in the afternoon!

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  1. ROFLMAO..I remember the easy bake oven with my daughter (now 21)..she LOVED that thing. But yeah that took forever for a tiny tease of taste! If I am going to eat cake I want a big honking slice of it..not this little sliver of almost nothingness! But the fun of it was just being with her.

  2. I sure know what you mean about the waistline. Mine has really exploded the last few months. I really need to do something but I’m just not sure what to do or if I want to. LONG STORY!!!

    I’m glad you had a good holiday. I had no girls so I don’t have a clue about the easy bake oven but I’m sure your daughter had a blast.

    Sorry about your team. I couldn’t believe that game. I’m happy for mine but we won’t win another one. They do this to us all the time. My sons and husband were thrilled though. They really do bleed purple.

  3. Dieting… Yes, I’ll get to that. After I eat the rest of my Christmas cookies. 😉

  4. javajunkee ~ My daughter thought that the food was going to be slightly larger than it was. Then I showed her the small print on the Easy Bake Oven cake mix which claimed “Item shown larger than actual size.” Who says size doesn’t matter! 🙂

    Joy ~ I hope your holidays were good as well. As usual the little one and I had a good time in the kitchen.

    Mrs V ~ Let me know if you need help finishing your cookies! 🙂

  5. I always wanted an Easy Bake oven. Never did get one. I messed up my “new way of eating” (I don’t call it a diet) this Christmas. I ate the “old way”. After tomorrow I’ll go back to the “new way”.

    I never want to teach another teenager to drive again. Two times and I am done.

    Have a great New Year!!!!

  6. Joan ~ I am with you, I don’t really diet anymore I just eat healthier. Too bad I let my brain trick me into thinking that just a few, well ok more than a few, treats won’t hurt me! Stupid brain!


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