Ringing In The New Year

I started out the New Year like I always do watching Dick Clark count down the ball and then going to bed. I laid in bed until it was finally midnight our time and I said Happy New Year to myself and my snoring husband.

The next morning, Thursday, we headed to Austin for a family get together. We had food galore as we always do at family get togethers! The kids, all 6 of them, got along great.

I am the only non-drinker in the family so I finally get to see  the adults the way the kids do. Let me tell you I laughed my as off all night at them!

We threw a few games of darts. I won, probably because the board was not moving when it was my turn! The dart games ended after one of the adults ended up breaking all of the dart tips. The darts don’t go into the cement as well as they do into the dartboard!

The kids decided that us old people would probably enjoy playing the Wii. They brought out the Wii around 9pm. There is nothing funnier than watching drunk people try to figure out how to use a Wii system. We started off playing golf. My in-laws are huge golfers so this was especially great. We had the grandparents play the 9 year olds first. If you have ever seen Caddy Shack where the old people are golfing that is what was going on! My 9 year old daughter kept yelling out to her grandmother, “That’s a beach!”

The real fun started when they moved on to bowling! My husband and his mother were the ones who got hammered the most. My father-in-law and I were just trying to stay out of their way while making sure nobody fell and broke anything! We also learned that when they say to strap the Wii controller onto your arm they mean it! Luckily we did not break the TV! My mother-in-law managed to bowl a 186 which was our high score of the night.

At midnight I finally was able to grab my husband and kids and we headed off to our hotel room for a few hours of sleep. The next day, Friday, we went back to his sister’s house ate breakfast and then roamed around Austin for a few hours before heading home. Due to the massive hangover my husband had, I ended up driving home!

Saturday I took both of my daughters shopping so they could spend all of the gift cards that they got for Christmas. Next year I am going to make the person who bought the gift card take them shopping!

Sunday was my 38th birthday. Big whooped de doo! I got up went to church by myself, which pissed me off slightly. When I came home the girls had baked me a cake. They gave me some nice perfume and a workout jacket that I needed. I forgave them for not going to church!

So far we are off to a pretty good 2009!

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  1. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish I’d have known. I would have had a party for you on my blog and made you a cake. I also have a birthday around now too and I hate it. It’s like the holidays come and my birthday gets forgotten about. I’m not sure if I “pretend” it doesn’t bother me or if it really does but this is just the way it is so I prepare myself to “hate” it. I am glad your girls made you a cake.

    I hate all that kind of drinking. I’m all for a few but to get drunk like that, I’m just not a fan. Especially when kids are around. The Wii is a blast and we play bowling every night while we watch the news. I’ve let go of my controller a few times and then feel like an idiot. I think the Wii is the best thing we’ve ever gotten ourselves.

    Happy Birthday again.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. It does stink having your birthday so close to Christmas, but that’s how the diced were rolled! I even have to share my birthday with my older brother! I was his gift for his 3rd birthday!

    The Wii was a blast and it is on my Christmas list for next year!

    As for the drinkers, what can you do! At least now the kids have one adult who doesn’t get smashed! 🙂

  2. This pretty much summed up my newyear’s eve too. I don’t drink but Mrs Geek + House Guests were drinking quite heavily. This was very funny on the night, but did mean that I got to run a small crèche the next morning. Getting up to look after my kids is one thing … minding other peoples kids whilst still in my PJs, that was less fun!

    Glad to hear the girls did good on your Birthday, and a Happy belated Birthday from me too!

    All of our kids are old enough to fend for themselves now thank goodness! I used to be the one who had to look after them, whether I had a hangover or not! 🙂

  3. yes happy birthday! Sounds like you had a pretty exciting new years eve…at least watching drunks can be fun if one isn’t partaking! 🙂

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    The best part about not drinking anymore is watching the drunks but even better is the next day when they don’t remember what they did! The kids and I even took video of them this year for proof!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! I’m glad someone baked you a cake, even if they didn’t go to church with you.

    I love the Wii, the bowling is fun. Although I don’t score very well. It’s the fun that counts though.

    I loved the cake the girls baked for me. I think this is the first cake I have had since my mom passed away back in 1997! I will give them a pass on the church thing but only because they baked me the cake! 🙂

  5. I had to LOL reading the part about the “adults” playing Wii. I want one myself!!! As a former drinker I can sit back and watch what I used to be. Quite humorous actually!!! That along with the stomach flu I got a few weeks ago is a friendly reminder of why I quit in the first place. I’m glad you ended up having a good birthday with your girls!!! Cake always makes everything better!!

  6. Nikki ~ I know exactly what you are talking about. Drunk people are funny. Especialy when it’s not me! 🙂

  7. ROFLMAO….a video is even better..good for you 🙂


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