Question Of The Week

Question of the week: What was your first car?

Restored 1970 Plymouth Satellite


My first car was a hardtop 1970 Plymouth Satellite. It was an ugly rust orange color and it had little sun stickers all over it. I nicknamed it the Mexican Fiesta.

I paid $350 for it with my own money in 1987 when I turned 16. This car was a tank for me. I could barely see out the front window! It died on the last day of school in 1988. It needed a new timing chain which would have cost more than I paid for the car.

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  1. My first car was a brand new 1968 VW bug. It cost $1800.00 new. It was the first year they came out with a semi- automatic bug. This was the same year I met the wasband. Before that my dad let me drive his beautiful 1967 Mustang until I scratched the whole side of it on a parked truck. That’s when he told me to buy my own car.

  2. My parent’s old Mazda GLC (I think it was an early 80’s model?) I bought it off them for $1,000 when I was 19, I think, and my dad made me sign a contract and everything. For practice? Or cuz he didn’t trust me? Who knows…

  3. I had a Toranado and I loved it.

  4. 1965 Chrysler Newport

  5. Mine was a 1995 Ford Escort. Dull then, dull now 🙂

  6. Joan ~ I am crying over the fact that you scratched the Mustang! I love Mustangs and one of these days I swear I am going to buy one!

  7. My dream car is an old mustang. I love them too. A mint one from the 60’s would be my dream. Convertible of course.

  8. I want a SS. With all kinds of bells and whistles and big ass meats and blower and ……so on and so forth.


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