The Things I Learn While Driving My Kids Around

I am in the car with my girls a lot! We actually have a pretty good time in the car. We listen to music and sing along quite a bit. They listen to my music and I listen to theirs.

The best thing we do in the car is talk. I think because they do not have to look me in the eye they tend to open up while we are driving around.

Things I learned from my 16 year old this week:

  • That “so and so” at her school is pregnant which means she has to stop drinking. At least she said: “Some people are just plain stupid. You shouldn’t drink or have sex at our age!”
  • That she actually likes watching E.R. with me on Thursday nights.  She asked me if she could watch E.R. with me instead of watching it in her room on her new TV. How can you say no to that!
  • She doesn’t like her new Geometry teacher. She has been going to tutorials with her old Geometry teacher. As she put it: “My old teacher understands how my brain learns things. She’s a blonde too!”

Things I learned from my 9 year old this week:

  • She does not want to have me buried when I die. She wants me to be cremated. My daughter said: “I would rather be able to talk to you all the time instead of having to go to a cemetery to talk to you.”
  • Our gerbil, Scrunchy, is scared of our turtle, Bruce. Apparently she put Bruce in Scrunchy’s cage the other day!
  • That a boy in her class likes her because he keeps putting his backpack next to hers.
  • Her sister has a candy stash in her room. I already knew this little fact because I steal candy from it. I think the little one gets blamed for my stealing! 🙂
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  1. I love this post. I learn so much from my kids when I am driving around with them…one of the best things is that I learn how truly funny they are! They make me laugh all the time. And that kind of laughter, for me, is the best medicine!

  2. lwayswright ~ Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. It is great when your kids can make you laugh. I love it when my girls get me to laugh at myself! They do a mean impression of “Mom!”

  3. Ha I love this post!! You steal her candy!! I love the things kids say, how they think and interpret things at different age. Riding in the car is the best place to get to know your kids…they can’t escape! Have a great day!

  4. Nikki ~ Shhh…Don’t tell my oldest I steal her candy! I have a good racket going on right now!

  5. It is so good to have a regular time to check in with the kids… I need to drive them around in the car more often than I do! 🙂

  6. I really used to love talking to my boys this way too. Nobody can go anywhere and like you say, no eye contact makes for easy conversation. I love the relationship you have with your girls.


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