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Question of the week: Do you listen to your kids music?

I listen to my kids music all the time. Usually if I am in the car with my girls they get to pick the radio station. I even find myself singing along with their songs. My oldest daughter, 16, likes a variety of music from Taylor Swift to Bullet For My Valentine. My youngest daughter, 9, is of course a Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, anything Disney fan.

My husband can’t stand and will not listen to any of their music. He is a firm believer that after his generation all music sucks.

Personally I think I learn a lot about my kids by listening to their music and they get to laugh at me for singing along! Plus they know if they make me mad then I get to torture them with good old 80’s music!

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  1. Sure I do. I love most kinds of music. The only types I really don’t care for are Rap and Blues. I’m up for almost any other kind. My oldest son has my “variety” type and my youngest is a head banger (which I’m not to wild about) but we always shared the radio and music. They don’t love my Barry Manilow though. *scratching head wondering why*

  2. Our kids taste in music is very eclectic, but we mostly listen to show tunes and old film soundtracks such as Mary Poppins and The Sound Of Music etc. (We had to ditch Les Mis after Bart got to an age where the content might be awkward). This was the compromise after having heard about wheels on buses and the like far too many times.

    However recently Bart has found Hannah Montanna … I think he may have a bit of a crush. So we also get subjected to that now too.

  3. hey dude watch that head’s now been showed to cause brain damage…and I’m not even kidding. I grew up a head banger so it could explain a whole lot of things in my life.

    anybody else have a kid that listens to Marilyn Manson? I’ll wait while you all scoot away from me. Not my pick for who I want him listening to …but yeah I listen to it with him. Most of the time I have to ask what the hell did he just say?…but at 17 what am I going to do ? 1 more year and he could leave the house and be a roadie for him if he wanted to.

    my daughter and I have about the same taste so that works out good. Oh except when she gets on her country’s like ….yeah not so much. I can handle a little bit.
    I’m more diggin’ Metro Station, Boys Like Girls, Paramore, ..that kind of stuff. She listened to Taylor Swift so much that now my ears scream when I hear that Love Story song starting to play!’s a new form of chinese water torture!

  4. I give it a chance. Most of it is tolerable. It does extremely irritate me when I’ve been listening to her stuff for an hour or so and then I try to play some of my music and all I hear is “That’s so OOOOOld!” As though that were a reason to hate something!!! 😦

  5. Joy ~ I can feel your sons’ pain with Barry Manilow!

    Mr Geek ~ After a few weeks of Hannah you will start to think that the Wheels on The Bus song isn’t really that bad! 🙂

    Javajunkee ~ Not to keen on Marilyn myself. Now Paramore, Metro Station and Boys Like Girls, that I can handle. My oldest daughter has the Taylor Swift album and I do like her songs but after the 1,000 time enough is enough!

    Elena ~ It’s not that the music is “old,” it’s that MOM likes it. We surely can’t listen to, or god forbid like anything that MOM does! 🙂


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